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A Modest Proposal

Visual Artist Victoria Arriola describes her new show Mellemrum at SOPAS as a modest display of new explorations. Don't miss where she is going.

Everybody Needs Their Own... Antique Wood Restorer

Regency Antiques is an incredible place for all manner of old wood. Reclaimed victorian doors and stained glass panels are just the start.

Laura... It's Complicated

No Way There From Here is Laura Cantrell's best record ever

Sickening of the Calm

THEY SICKEN OF THE CALM WHO KNOW THE STORM, featuring Greta Alfaro, Julia Chiang, James Clar, Richard Garet, Naama Tsabar, Dustin Yellin and Pryce Lee at the Fridman Gallery, New York

Second Thoughts on San Pedro

Photographer Tim Maxeiner has a new show at Cornelius Projects in San Pedro

Everybody Needs Their Own... Audio Engineer

In the first of an occasional series, Simon Reeves from Framework Studios explains why everyone can benefit from having their own personal audio engineer...

Top 5 Remaining Categories for the Best of 2013

He would have gotten all the spots.

Top 5 big records of 2013 that I never got around to

I trust these are great because all the quality people like them.

Top 5 albums of 2013 that I'm as surprised as anybody that I really liked

Go figure. The world's most successful musician still can make successful music.

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