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It's The End of The World and Greta Alfaro Knows It

En las alas de un murciélago opens today

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Renowned critic Isabel Tejeda curates...

On The Wings of a Bat
Greta Alfaro
curated by Isabel Tejeda
October 16th - January 22nd

Greta Alfaro's new university campus show, ‘En las alas de un murciélago’ opens today and runs through Janaury 21 at the Sala Universitas de la Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

Renowned critic Isabel Tejeda curates the retrospective exhibition which ponders our disasterous end of our civilisation...

On the Wings of a Bat draws on Greta's career preoccupances, gluttonous never to be sated appetites of darker difficult to digest mores. The worst instincts. Oh, it's like spending 20 years locked in a Peter Greenaway dream sequence.

Install a spa at home to help you come down after, Greta is that good at this.

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Greta Alfaro's website
Greta Alfaro in Outsideleft

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