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To say that Kid Congo Powers made an indelible mark on guitar rock is like saying the sandwich was a minor innovation in eating. His saber-toothed guitar work for the finest moments of The Gun Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and The Cramps set the bar high for a subsequent generation of white-belted hipsters to miss. He graciously submitted to our questions on the matter of shopping. Happy Shopper - Kid Congo Powers

1) What was the last electrical appliance you bought?

Mac 12 inch silver powerbook G4

2) How many shoes do you own?

25 pairs including 5 pairs of slippers

3) Thinking about only what you are wearing now and including your watch, jewellery and glasses if you wear them, how much would it cost me to get dressed up just like you? And where would I have to go to get the look

I have on Vintage 60's ecru slacks ( $100.), white vintage 60's converse low top sneakers $100), a red t shirt silkscreened by artist Amy Gartrell that says "The End", ($35.) a vintage silver watch from the seventies ($50.), and reading glasses from a drugstore ($10.). So $195. to dress like me today, not so bad! The shoes and pants are from CHERRY vintage in NYC, the tee from the artist herself, the watch I bought from a sidewalk salke in Williamsburg Brooklyn from a fellow named Fabio, and the glasses are from CVS.

4) What are you going to be eating for dinner tonight?

 Sushi. At He She Su She in Washington, DC.

5) What is the most amount you have ever spent on a bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverage and when and where was it?

I don't drink.

6) What and where is your favourite shop?

I LOVE YOU, the boutique run by Ian Svenonius in Washington DC

7) How do you get around town?

my bike.

8) Where is your favourite place to holiday?

Istanbul, Turkey

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds' first album Philosophy and Underwear is out on New York Night Train records


the tee from the artist herself, the watch I bought from a sidewalk sale in Williamsburg Brooklyn from a fellow named Fabio, and the glasses are from CVS.


Alex V. Cook,
Music Editor

Alex V. Cook listens to everything and writes about most of it. His latest book, the snappily titled Louisiana Saturday Night: Looking for a Good Time in South Louisiana's Juke Joints, Honky-Tonks, and Dance Halls is an odyssey from the backwoods bars and small-town dives to the swampside dance halls and converted clapboard barns of a Louisiana Saturday Night. Don't leave Heathrow without it. His first book Darkness Racket and Twang is available from SideCartel. The full effect can be had at alex v cook.com


What can be said about Alex V. Cook that has not already been curiously tagged on the Dustbin of History? For money-makins, he's been a computer programmer for a baker's dozen of years and has been doing things on the Inter-web since he's been allowed to by its Keepers, but in his heart, he is a Cult Star. He's been producing his enigmatic self-taught artwork in a variety of media and has as of late, embarked on a musical journey, becoming a polymath of mediocre playing on a variety of innocent instruments. His love of music verges on the pathological in how he assumes its all meant to relate to him, that the errant MP3 from a long forgotten Johnny Cash album is a flashing blue light in the Kosmic K-Mart, alerting him of something special only he will understand. And, it's been said he is devastatingly handsome, but in actuality, wins the ladies over with his charm and rapier wit, and not because he is a doughy music nrrd and they smile with pity toward him.


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