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End of Sentence / The Dark Divide - Film Reviews

Lake hitches a ride on a double bill of road movies

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Outsideleft Week in Music.

We're hearing from Squeeze, New Order, Such Small Hands, Dawn Richard, For Those I Love, Flying Lotus, Ronnie Milsap, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, The Real Tuesday Weld, Weezer, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Momus, Allison Russell, Fury, Graham Costello, John Carroll Kirby, Aquarian Blood, Little Simz, High Flying Birds and Piroshka

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Squeezing out the Sparks

Jason Lewis listens to Squeeze's Spot The Difference and discusses the business case for makeover. He likes it.

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Track by Track: Athenian - Momus

Momus takes us on a song by song circuit of 'Athenian', his latest album

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The Evanescence of a Dream

The Southern California multimedia artist, Victoria Arriola, bursts gently from a five year dream


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