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LamontPaul: Founder & Publisher

Outsideleft's publisher, Lamontpaul is also the web designer for this and many other fine web sites (check out his other designs at webdab). He has done other things too, notably leading disabusive orange county punk rock revisionists 'Ron & Nancy' to no success, in the 90s. "We were a musical success," he maintains, "in the end we sounded precisely like I wanted us to sound. That was the struggle." Around the same time he edited the bands' internationally distributed fanzine, 'The World of...' As a writer he contributed a series of articles about bullet ridden eateries, 'Breakfast In America', to the now defunct 'Him' magazine. Once described by Captain Sensible of the Damned as being more interesting than Rod Stewart. Lamont is known for his hasty gravestone etchings published in the UK by 'Trouble'. Of outsideleft, he says "It's surprisingly easy to be better than almost everything else."

Lamontpaul portrait by John Kilduff  painted during an episode of John's TV Show, Let's Paint TV

All About and Contributors


Outsideleft exists on a precarious no budget budget. We are interested in hearing from deep and deeper pocket types willing to underwrite our cultural vulture activity. We're not so interested in plastering your product all over our stories, but something more subtle and dignified for all parties concerned. Contact us and let's talk. [HELP OUTSIDELEFT]


If Outsideleft had arms they would always be wide open and welcoming to new writers and new ideas. If you've got something to say, something a small dank corner of the world needs to know about, a poem to publish, a book review, a short story, if you love music or the arts or anything else, write something about it and send it along. Of course we don't have anything as conformist as a budget here. But we'd love to see what you can do. Write for Outsideleft, do. [SUBMISSIONS FORM HERE]


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