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Chantal: Art & Design Editor

Chantal joined Outsideleft as our Art and Design editor in May, 2022. Chantal had been working closely with us on the design of the trophies for our first short story contest and it just seemed natural with her insight that she should come over and be a bigger part of what we are trying to do. Chantal says "On my journey, art has been my constant spiritual companion. What I want to do is make things. Create!"

Wood is currently Chantal's main medium. It has a sensual quality, Chantal says, a life and a story woven into the grain. When it changes form it is no less alive. It is the most significant resource for our built world on the planet.

"I especially like to use recycled wood and other materials that have 'lived' beyond their natural lives, they have a particular history, richness and quality that come with age. While making art and craft, thoughts of the city, society, spirituality and old worn and forgotten things that once were valued, cherished and coveted but are now discarded, unwanted and undervalued, run through my mind. Beauty in unexpected places. Hidden treasures waiting for a chance to shine once again. This is part of the reason why street art and graffiti inspire me. They are somewhat symbolic of all this."

Chantal will complete her MA in Art and Design Interdisciplinary Practices at Birmingham City University in the summer of 2022.

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