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Jenny McCann: Owner, Bear Bookshop

Opening her Bear Bookshop in Bearwood was a dream for Jenny McCann, a long held fantasy of owning a bookshop and surrounding herself with books all day long! Jenny's Bear Bookshop is a place that develops and encourages a child’s enjoyment of reading, love of learning and sense of wonder and has become a centrepoint for the community as well. In 2022, MP Jess Philips was just one guest who came to the shop and spent a good part of the afternoon reading from her book The Life of an MP: Everything You Really Need to Know About Politics and talking to an enthusiastic collection of locals.

Jenny's Bear Bookshop is a great example of how important and what a local indie bookstore can be. Jenny also was one of the 2022 Outsideleft short story competition judges.

If you are too distanced to visit the Bear Bookshop, you can still support a great local indie bookshop by using their affiliate link.

The Bear Bookshop website is here:

Bear Bookshop is on Bearwood high street near Tamu Cafe and Hello Coffee, just round the corner from Lightwoods Park.

588 Bearwood Road, B66 4BW

Opening Hours
9.30am - 5.00pm on Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sunday

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