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Sunday Morning Poet: Charlie Hill

...On the politeness of Jacob Ress-Mogg

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Outsideleft Week in Music A Golden Dawn for the End of the Year

We're hearing from... GOAT, Chelsea Wolfe, The Goa Express, Shplang, Jean Knight, Amelie Lucille, Hotel Lux, Micky Greaney, Shabbos Ranks, Booker T. Jones, Fela Kuti, Limahl, Riding With Killers, Popclaw, Cryptosis, The Links, Isabelle Adjani, Khruangbin, Killing Joke, KLF KARE & Harry Nillson ft. Ricardo Da Force, Thelonious Monster and Minutemen

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Three Big Questions for Liz Berry

On the day or so before the day Liz Berry comes to the Bear Bookshop with Nafeesa Hamid and Hannah Swingler for a Black Country Women's Aid Benefit... Three Big Questions

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Fela Kuti in a New Box

DJ Fuzzy Felt gets where Idris Elba is going with his curated collection of Fela Kuti material

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Shplang Stay True

John Robinson listens to Shlang's Thank You, Valued Customer


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