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1 of 3 Blind Arts
The expansive artwork of Jory Gaunce

a Damon Hayhurst
Damon Hayhurst is the principle designer behind Northern Wood, a company specializing in products constructed from materials rehabilitated from old schools and other public buildings. Reuse before you recycle my friends!

Andree Walker Design
Great site from california based, british born textile designer, Andree Walker.

Art Deadlines
For all you slacker artists out there, go to your studio and make something-anything....this gives you an idea of what to do if I could only take my own good advice...

Art Margins
Art Margins is... for some at least, Art from the Margins. Contemporary central and eastern European culture. Highly recommended by the outsidelefters...

Arts Journal
A daily digest of Arts, Culture and Ideas

Bobby Conn UK
This is a great albeit unofficial Bobby Conn site with lyrics, info, mp3s, articles, interviews, reviews and a messageboard/forum.

Bouroullec Brothers
This is all about Ronan and Erwan. Architects and designers

Britney Spears Guide to...
The Britney Spears Guide to Semi Conductor Physics. Says it all, really.

Well, by now it can probably be described as the venerable...

Damian Marquez Fashion Designs
Damian Marquez is a great fashion designer and tailor and every man should have one. And most women too. Although generally often women do seem to need less help with their clothing than men

Galinsky is for anyone with an interest in modern buildings and architecture. They don't use obscure architectural terms, and are obsessed with the architecture of real buildings that people can see and appreciate.

Guardian Online
newspaper site from the UK. Has a great arts and culture section.

Heart Fine Art
offbeat and obscure historic art - not the usual crappy landscapes

Javelin Block
incredibly beautiful industrial interiors - javelin block turns buildings inside out.

A place to find and buy the work of the UK artist Jeni Manning in card form...

Joe Ambrose
Literary editor and frequent contributor to outsideleft, author Joe Ambrose opens up his own webspace

sure, the site has the best music programing on the internets, but it also has janda baldwin -- world best dj ever.
The personal website of our London Editor and author, Kirk Lake

Living with Legends
About art, books, and music created by former and current residents of the Hotel Chelsea is an independent music recording and publishing company. You can find many free full length mp3's to download to your ipod. Their roster of Artists range from Alternative and Punk Rock to Downtempo and Unstructured Ambient.

Masa of Echo Park
Lovely place to eat and visit when you're on the Eastside of Los Angeles

Musique Entertainment
Shout out to the Dj at the outsideleft wedding of the year

Open Rights Group
An open internet for all

a good place to find out about touring bands and stuff like that

Pryce Lee
The artist, Pryce Lee is a mystery to me. But the imagery is the strongest.

A music interview webzine with archives dating back to our pre-internet days of 1995.

Racer Rosa Bicycles
Handmade and refurbished bicycles in East London... Their bikes are hot!

Regency Antiques
Regency Antiques are uniquely good with wood, so if you have a pre-1930s, Victorian or Georgian door you are hankering after or in need of restoring, Regency Antiques is where to go.

Silber Records
An indie ambient & post rock label that's all about supporting the artists. Hours of free samples available on the website.

Why Slate above all of the other noise? All the content, love it or loathe it is still free. And they have some of the most incisive and often funny writers.

Saturday morning, and I'll be there, getting the latest results from the UK. Fantastic football site.

Souls and Passions
This is a remarkable, simple and exhaustive site of Los Angelean poets as depicted by photographer Mark Savage. Perfect for people/poet watchers!

The English Cut
A rare and unusual treat. A site by bespoke Saville Row tailor, Thomas Mahon dedicated to his craft. Or is it art?

Urban Dictionary
how're you ever going to define fo' shizzle my nizzle to your eurotrash girlspals and guyspals without it?

Wikipedia is the extraordinary organic encyclopedia, built by people. Contribute some of your knowledge!

WOW! Women On Writing
WOW! is an online magazine that promotes the communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers. Quarterly flash fiction contest: over $2,000 in cash & prizes! Award-winning graphic design by Angela Mackintosh

I Sing the Hippie Electric
And they were into music, for real: The Story of Slint
A lot else happened musically in that 1990-91 window: Fear of a Black Planet, Nevermind, the second Morrissey album, cementing the death of the Smiths. The goddamned Pixies were everywhere. But somehow Slint cut through all that clatter.
An Interview with a Devil
It's True! Devils Have All The Best Tunes...
The Rolling Stones Go To Anaheim
I wasn't expecting to attend the Rolling Stones' current "A Bigger Bang" tour this year. At $1000 to $1,500 per ticket (the going rate for decent ticket broker seats), an evening with the Glimmer Twins was out of my price range.
Balloon Music for the Whole Family
Tav Falco's Blue Christmas Tour
We do say Christmas, because they do and while of course we have favorites and undermine our credibility with that - a Tav Falco tour should not go undocumented. Also, anything, anything with even a marginal Christmas connection gets our nod within the next 30 days. God knows I need to celebrate something...
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