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The Mind of Joe Baiza Punk guitarist Joe Baiza has been creating and collecting art for over thirty years, now Cornelius Projects in San Pedro has gathered a monumental amount of that stuff for you to see

The Mind of Joe Baiza

Punk guitarist Joe Baiza has been creating and collecting art for over thirty years, now Cornelius Projects in San Pedro has gathered a monumental amount of that stuff for you to see

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: October, 2013

approximate reading time: minutes

When I became interested in art I started to collect things. Objects that inspired me and objects that I just wanted to hang around with. Unfortunately most of that '70s stuff was lost in the Great Garage Flood of '79

Punk rock guitarist Joe Baiza is a long time favorite of outsideleft, so we're thrilled to report that opening on October 26th, 2013 is The Mind of Joe Baiza at the Cornelius Projects in San Pedro.

Joe is internationally renowned for his innovative guitar stylings with bands' Saccharine Trust, The Mecolodiacs and Universal Congress Of... The one man show in San Pedro showcases his paintings, drawings, photographs and other ephemera drawn from his collection dating back over thirty years.

If you've ever visited his home in the Pico Union district you'll know, The Shack is legendary. Stacks of records, books, found things, art, music stuff, specific coffee tins. The things he says that supply him with a never ending source of inspiration.

Leading up to his show at the Cornelius Projects Joe said, "I see clutter as a complex wave of stimulation, a natural chaos that exists with sights, thoughts, words, when some people speak, events that occur, things that need to be done, natural/unnatural circumstances, ideas, dreams, sounds and so on. I can say that intuitively I've taken to applying this stimulation into a form of expression."

Joe's always been an enthusiastic supporter of outsideleft and our various things. Let's hope they found space in the show for that World of Ron & Nancy 'zine from '93 featuring Joe as 'The King of Pico/Union'. 20 years on, he still is.

We can't wait for this weekend to see a little deeper into the Mind of Joe Baiza. Scary thing?

Paintings, Drawings, Photographs & Artifacts
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, October 26, 2013
from 7pm-10 PM
EXHIBITION DATES: Through December 21, 2013
EXHIBITION HOURS: Following the opening reception, most Saturdays from 1 PM - 6 PM, otherwise by appointment. Best to call beforehand 310 266 9216.

Joe Baiza on Facebook
Cornelius Projects on Facebook
Joe Baiza in Outsideleft and here too

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