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What if Hunter s. Thompson formed a band? Dantanna's brand of self-styled hedonism blows up and blows your house down.

What if Hunter s. Thompson formed a band?

Dantanna's brand of self-styled hedonism blows up and blows your house down.

by Hamilton High,
first published: August, 2014

approximate reading time: minutes

If Dantanna were trees you'd sit and watch them for a 100 years.

Live at the Warley Woods Picnic in the Park
And all over Birmingham and the South West This Summer. 

It's a fucking Dog Day afternoon for sure in Warley Woods, a long one and man I have been coming here every year since it was still okay for the bands to do Gary Glitter covers - and on this sunday aside from Pearl Ham - the fat Pearl Jam tribute band - exceptionally Fat Eddie Vedder, remarkable. Enjoyed that much. It just seems like a musical afternoon bereft of all hope. I mean, teenagers attempting to make Jake Bugg appear tempting to anyone other than pedophiles, oh and the someone who was someone just after John Squire decided he didn't need to be anyone like that in that mostly overrated band from the 80s, forgot their name, and then the Waterboys covers and then I am dying. Quite quickly dying. Dying to go home mainly... After swinging by the Wood Whittlers one more time, who really were kinda good.

Enter Dantanna
Done and dusted then and just about to step out when... ending what felt like an afternoon of pleurisy, when what looked like a bunch of serious n'er-do-wells in totally the wrong town, took over the stage and in a minute took over the entire park. Christ, I'd been waiting for years to think, "If Hunter S. Thompson had had a band..." Dantanna is surely what it would've sounded like.

A confluence of freestyle, rap, hip-hop, big beat and soul, all soul, in no particular order, confronts the audience with a total lack of restraint. At last. Horns blast out, played like they should be, beats are big and the five strong vocalistas, oh wow! What a performance. See it and you're gonna go nuts. In a moment it just felt like, This is what music is supposed to sound like and This is what music is supposed to look like. Charisma - c'mon, early Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Tribe Called Quest, Dantanna has it. Christ, if this band were trees you'd sit and watch them for a 100 years.

So, this Dantanna, what does it look like? It looks like Organized chaos, unrelenting anarchic fun, theirs is an energy not often witnessed in this city. Or many others beside. Right now, Dantanna really are already that good. 

Dantanna are having a busy summer and fall; Their first EP is due in September and it already sounds like a hit.  Seek it out. Also, check out their upcoming shows. See them. OMG, really, unless you are a total fucking bore, you'll sing, you'll dance, you'll drink, you'll take everything on offer, you'll do everything your social worker told you not to,  you'll violate your parole, you'll wake up in the gutter and won't be unhappy about it. Like Dantanna, in that moment you'll be staring at the stars. 

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Hamilton High

Hamilton High was born on Doheny Ave in the gutter, is a poet, writer and observer of popular culture. Likes fashion and cares less for style. He's on the move, he's an alter ego and we hardly ever hear from him.
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