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Residency 4: Kitty and the Kowalskis

Residency 4: Kitty and the Kowalskis

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: March, 2005

approximate reading time: minutes

Miro, Klee, Francis Bacon, Russeau, Pollack, O'Keefe or even Chagal. I like colorful and whimsical

We're not gonna get all weepy, but it's the end of this exceptional month long residency with Kitty of Kitty and the Kowalskis. The end of the affair a such. We'll be heading back to California and Kitty will be putting the final touches to 'Full Metal Jackass' for its late spring release. Alarcon thought this one of our better ideas, but then he didn't have to leave the shadows of the Nixon Library to make it happen...

So, we all got to know Ms. Kowalski a bit better... We discovered she grew up in a suburb of Manhattan, she lived in SoCal for a while, but was back in New york by the time she was eighteen and as she says, she'd pretty much figured out where she wanted to live by then.

seeks to rejuvenate the tired out rocknroll interview format and offer unreleased tracks, exclusive to outsideleft.

Following an initial introduction to the artist, over the next few weeks, we'll offer a portrait of the artist as a sundowner, homeowner, party animal and check book balancer. All of the things someone told you you'd never want to read. It's a real 'what they look like without make-up'.

The music is an unreleased track, exclusive to outsideleft. It's an essential element to the residency. The artists live to make music and we believe the bands we feature should be paid for doing it. Use the Paypal link below to pay one measly dollar to download the song.

(Pay $1 by Paypal using the link below. When payment is received, you'll be sent a link to download an MP3 version of the song. The link will be active for seven days or until you download the song.)

click on the Paypal button below to download Kitty and the Kowalski's - Human Being (mp3)

What don't we know yet, how about Kitty Kowalski on Art:

"In terms of art, I am only interested in the abstract, really. I like modern artists like Miro, Klee, Francis Bacon, Russeau, Pollack, O'Keefe or even Chagal. I like colorful and whimsical, though Bacon is very disturbing. I have photography if I want realism..."

Kitty Kowalski on writers....

"As far as writers, I was into all the existentialist writers for a while, and I love Hemmingway. He's kind of romantic in a very simple and straightforward way. I love writers form the Victorian era. As non-traditional as I am in art, I love Dickens, the Austens and all that stuff. I love Ayn Rand's sensibility. she's a lot like me, but I'm much more charitable. I love the poetry of e.e. cummings, and the War Poets from WWI. That was the loss of innocence from the Victorian era to the post-"war is hell" sensibility. It was like it happened overnight. David Sedaris is the funniest writer on the planet."

Kitty Kowalski on the perfect afternoon in the most amazing tea room type of place, bar, wherever you'd just hang out with a few or more of your friends and you get the sort of feeling of 'well-being' - and while I can't describe this precisely, exactly, obviously on some level I romanticize cities. When I go back to London, there are just certain people and certain places and I know the world isn't any less fucked up, but it sure feels good to be with them, in those spaces at that moment.

"Oddly enough, I know EXACTLY what you mean. There is this French bistro called Caf?© Luxembourg that I love. I would eat every meal there if I could. I am a "regular" of sorts, and my best friend lives in the building so she goes all the time. Sometimes, I will get up early to take three subways and go all the way uptown just to have breakfast with her, because they don't serve scones after 10 am or something. That place feels like home. My dad used to take me there - we ate there when it first opened 20 years ago. Insert "Cheers" theme song here. As corny as it sounds, it's nice to go to a place where people are happy to see you and they find a table for you even when they are all jammed up. I feel safe there. Also, it's not a scene. I can look like shit there. If I feel like shit, going there makes me feel better. I just can't feel like this in any bar because in the nightlife scene, I'm expected to be "kitty". If I feel like shit, I don't go out. I just don't want to deal with people then. It's probably a good thing that I'm anti-social when I'm in a foul mood. I never want to be a buzzkill."

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Founder & Publisher

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