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The Outsideleft Top 20 Stories of 2017 5 of our top ten stories in 2017 were written in French. This is a thrill.

The Outsideleft Top 20 Stories of 2017

5 of our top ten stories in 2017 were written in French. This is a thrill.

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2017

approximate reading time: minutes

Thierry Barthole. He's number one.

What a thrilling top 20 story list for 2017. Half of the top ten are written principally in French, often with an English translation - thanks to Guilaine. Last year Greta Alfaro's Greta the Great proved most popular. In 2017, Greta again made the top ten, and we really do love her work, but the top spot went to Guilaine's story about Haitian artist, Thierry Barthole. Christian Present made his presence felt as a writer with three stories in the top 10. Meanwhile Jason rehablilitated Laraaji, Momus and the Blue Aeroplanes in one year. Quite an accomplishment.

  1. Un voyage dans l'univers de l'artiste Thierry Barthole by Guilaine Arts
    En quête de perfection?
  2. That is Transvision by Guilaine Arts
    Arts group The Smartest Project's Haitian Art pop up gallery show, Transvision, is a Voyage into The Visionary World of Haitian Art
  3. Au coeur d'une rencontre avec Mamou Orsinet Florimond by Christian Present
    "Je vis et respire le Bèlè"
  4. Kahlo, Van Gogh, Beaudelaire, Toi et Moi by Christian Present
    Christian Present: Naturel et Pluriel
  5. My Art is Made of Wood by LamontPaul
    Sculptor and furniture designer Chantal Pitts creates giant sculptured wooden art as furniture, and furniture as art. Who knows what she will do next...
  6. Where Are We Now??? In Search of Momus by Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis heads out in search of the long and seemingly, but then not at all after all, lost, Momus
  7. Greta Alfaro: El cataclismo nos alcanzara impavidos by Lee Paul
    SCAN in London presents the video series The Looking Glass. The first episode features Greta Alfaro's El cataclismo nos alcanzará impávidos
  8. Walker Brigade by LamontPaul
    Los Angeles' retro art punks rock their debut LP the Therapy Animal
  9. A Small Part of the World According To Momus by Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis draws back the veil, a little, on the enigma that is the prolifically eclectic, Momus
  10. Christian Present: Le verbe ne se plaint pas du vide by Guilaine Arts
    En quete d'un Moi en proie aux exterieurs de la nature
  11. L'amour by Christian Present
    Je t'aime mais dois-je t'aimer?
  12. Wild Ponies are the Best Thing They Put in the Library Since the Books by LamontPaul
    Nashville's Wild Ponies get off the beaten track and end up at the Thimblemill Library in Bearwood
  13. Picture This #2: Joe Baiza by Hamilton High
    Joe Baiza photographed by street photographer Deb Frazin at Cafe Nela
  14. Laraaji: The Way Out is Still The Way In by Jason Lewis
    Jason hears Bring on the Sun/Sun Gong and his life changes again
  15. Nathalie Durand: La Melodie de L'ile Rouge by Christian Present
    Christian Present de outsideleft nous presente la superstar du jazz Nathalie Durand (english translation by Guilaine A)
  16. Welcome Strangers! The Blue Aeroplanes Take Off by Jason Lewis
    Jason crawls out of his sick bed to deliver his belated Blue Aeroplanes review.....
  17. Tinariwen's Glee by Jason Lewis
    Tinariwen live at the Glee Club in Birmingham
  18. Big Loss: William Onyeabor by LamontPaul
    Idiosyncratic Nigerian musician, William Onyeabor is gone.
  19. Roots, Culture, Identity Art Exhibition by LamontPaul
    The Roots, Culture, Identity art exhibition is at the TUC Marble Hall
  20. Allen Ravenstine: Terminal Drive and Other Stories by Ancient Champion
    Allen Ravenstine, the man, the myth, the legendary original synthesizer person with Cleveland's uber influential Pere Ubu, has unearthed lost gems and incredible new music for Smog Veil records

Watch out 2018, here we come!

Founder & Publisher

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