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Outsideleft Big Ones 25 of our biggest stories of the year so far

Outsideleft Big Ones

25 of our biggest stories of the year so far

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: July, 2018

approximate reading time: minutes

Maurice Deebank is the Biggest

What's big? Well, they're deemed big because you read them. These are our 25 most read stories at the midpoint of 2018

  1. This is how Maurice Deebank Felt by Ancient Champion
    Maurice Deebank, founding member of Felt, legendary guitarist and unparalleled aural architect, looks back at Felt's early career, and welcomes the fidelity of Cherry Red's remastered vinyl reissues...
  2. Thierry Barthole: Meticuleuse du Monochrome by Guilaine Arts
    Le prestigieux artiste Haitien, Edouard Thierry Barthole, connu surtout pour son utilisation meticuleuse du monochrome, fait encore la Une
  3. Thierry Barthole, Philippe Attie: Tandem absolue by Guilaine Arts
    13eme Salon annuel de L'ARC
  4. Holding Firm with Germa Adan by LamontPaul
    Creole folk star Germa Adan recorded one of the great LPs of 2017, the rare beauty, Kenbe Fem. Whatever happens next for the UK based singing violinist, surely 2018 is hers...
  5. Bowie on a Budget might be Pillycock by Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis listens to a lot and he reckons out of that lot, Pillycock by Momus is worth your shilling and is the second best album of 2017...
  6. Fils Du Cri-Monde by Christian Present
    Christian Present revient
  7. The Thinking Man's Drinking Band by Ancient Champion
    The Rakers aren't letting 2018 get away from them, they have a brand new EP and the year's barely a month old....
  8. Si un Ecrivain pouvait changer votre vie ... Laurette Mas-Camille by Christian Present
    Pour la piete, ce sera dans une autre vie
  9. Nihiloxica Now by Ancient Champion
    The drums of Kampala's Nihiloxica are shaking the world
  10. Nameless has a name and it is pure Joy by Ancient Champion
    Dominique Fils-Amié's new LP, Nameless, is beautifully, wholly conceived and joyfully delivered
  11. The Insatiable Fun of Coal Black Mornings by Jason Lewis
    Brett Anderson's autobiography avoids all of the autobiography pitfalls
  12. Kamasi Washington Hits the Top by Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis says that the best record of 2017, Kamasi Washington's Harmony of Difference is the music that can elevate you, that can reach inside you, change you and fill you with hope
  13. Sudan Archives, This Changes Everything by Ancient Champion
    Sudan Archives new EP Sink is unique, uniquely experimental and accessible
  14. Nils Point by Jason Lewis
    Nils Frahm is All Melody and More
  15. Momus Flames into Being by Jason Lewis
    Momus in a Box. Albums. Singles. And All That...
  16. Mark is Dead by Jason Lewis
    Mark E. Smith, long time singer with The Fall is dead
  17. I Can Hear Deborah Alma's Dirty Laundry by Hamilton High
    Deborah Alma edited the award winning poetry anthology #MeToo, now she has her debut collection Dirty Laundry, published by Nine Arches Press and reads at Waterstones in Birmingham this week
  18. Would You Spend The Rest of Your Life With Me? by Ancient Champion
    A valentine's day story by The Ancient Champion
  19. The Last Night of the Leamington Licker by Lee Paul
    Kirk Lake's new Randy Turpin short story is available now from Rough Trade Books
  20. Bulky Items. All Over. by Ancient Champion
    Sheridan Lowrey's photographs of San Pedro's castoffs closes on April 8th with a musical send off from Joe Baiza. At Cornelius Projects. Don't miss it.
  21. Hooked on You by Jason Lewis
    The Hookworms' Microshift after a flood under a spotlight
  22. Suede on Film by Jason Lewis
    UK Music Editor Jason meets Suede at 25 and likes what he hears so much that he gathers his thoughts together on video.
  23. You Goat, Girl by Jason Lewis
    Goat Girl's Debut LP is the Delamere to your more Monotonous Milk. Or something.
  24. The Queen of all That Jazz by Ancient Champion
    Poetry rock star Hera Lindsay Bird sometimes makes me think of Morrissey when he meant something. Except she's funnier and she doesn't see things like that.
  25. CD Rose Has an Answer for Everything by LamontPaul
    Author CD Rose answers everything we ask and reveals so much more

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