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Outsideleft Night Out: Germa Adan and Millicent Chapanda The Outsideleft Night Out was an outlandishly triumphant triumph.

Outsideleft Night Out: Germa Adan and Millicent Chapanda

The Outsideleft Night Out was an outlandishly triumphant triumph.

by Hamilton High,
first published: February, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

I haven't heard anything like it since... Never.

the Germa Adan Trio
and Millicent Chapanda
Why Not Coffee, Bearwood

First of all, it's important to thank all of the people who didn't attend the second OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT OUT at Why Not Coffee in Bearwood on Saturday Night. The room sold out early on, and the atmosphere was amazing. The heat... It was like summer in February. So grats to all that came, and you guys that stayed home, or did something else, well you missed a magnificent treat, but you weren't getting in anyways...

Your MC for the evening: OUTSIDELEFT's UK music editor, Jason Lewis.

Germa AdanGerma Adan

Our night of truly world class entertainment began with German Adan's Trio... Germa on guitars, vocals and violin, Laura on cello and Jobe on violin and mandolin (- and all singing like angels!) those guys got things under way and were instantaneously augmented by Bearwood's incredible, Tabla Jedi, who jumped onto the window sill, and squeezed in to just about the only space left in the room and lent his mighty rhythms... Germa's voice sounds sensational in any setting and her songs, speaking from the tapestry of Germa's rich, rich, Haitian/American/British musical heritage are an incomparable delight. And, oh well, what do I know, they sounded coolly in parts like where the Velvets were coming from with Nico and John Cale... That exciting! See this band soon if you can.

Jez Collins popped in to talk about his Bear Grooves event next weekend. He's a big part of the Bearwood cultural renaissance. 

Millicent Chapanda

Millicent Chapanda

Mbira musician, Millicent Chapanda just exudes presence and confidence, she is a great entertainer and that's no mean feat. From the get go, or from the very first lengthy Mhururu, Millicent had the packed audience in the palm of her hand. I haven't heard or seen anything like it since... Never. Since I'd never seen such a joyous performance so riotously embraced by an audience. It was a thrilling jolt of bliss. Singing in shona, oh man it was beautiful to behold... And when the time came to wrap it up, with great tact and charm, Millicent explained to the audience that if she transported us all to her native Zimbabwe, her party would only just be getting going at that point... and would wend it's way through the entire musical weekend. Wow!

"I've had a grand night. The Germa Adan Trio: such beautiful arrangements and Germa's voice had true, quiet force. Millicent Chapanda was outstanding. The whole place came alive for her." Duncan Jones, poet and more...

DJ Jukebox Warren DJ Jukebox Malkin

The evening wound up and wound down with carefully curated sounds from OUTSIDELEFT'S own DJ Jukebox Malkin, whose reputation grows each time he takes his record boxes uptown. Dancing ensued. It was the greatest. Someone said, the loveliest versions of the songs I love. Then we shut up the shop 'til next time, which will be our evening of... Well, we know, but it's too, too soon to tell.

Photos: Germa, Millicent and Jukebox Malkin, Jonathan from Rubber Ears, thanks!

Hamilton High

Hamilton High was born on Doheny Ave in the gutter, is a poet, writer and observer of popular culture. Likes fashion and cares less for style. He's on the move, he's an alter ego and we hardly ever hear from him.
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