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Outsideleft Nights In A new playlist everyday to stay in and listen to

Outsideleft Nights In

A new playlist everyday to stay in and listen to

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: March, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

Music Filters Through Everything We Do...

People are dying and we knew early on we didn't want to be responsible for more people dying. So weeks ago we cancelled all of our NIGHTS OUT, it didn't even take much discussion. People needed to be staying in,  even then. 

Just a few weeks ago now already feels like longer. Back then we were discussing our plans with WHY NOT Coffee for OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT OUT 2.5, with mulitple DJ's and DEVILS doing an acoustic set. It was to be an exciting event for sure.

The Tabla Jedi, who'd contributed so amazingly to the Millicent Chapanda set at the last Night Out had arranged for his friend, Aziz Ibrahim (of Stone Roses and Ian Brown) to join him for our to be incredible OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT OUT & Bric-a-Brac Sale to aid Smethwick Can, at the beginning of May.  The event would also have featured the brilliant singer and guitarist, Layla Tutt... So many lovely plans. And it really does seem like so long ago we were making them.

And now all that is left is an emergency.

We love music. You know that. OUTSIDELEFT, is ostensibly an arts, music and culture magazine, but music filters through everything we do. It's just about all many of us know anything about. We are big listeners and often makers of music too...

So with the NIGHT'S OUT nowhere for now. We wondered how to stay connected and to continue to entertain the people who enjoyed and supported the NIGHT'S OUT so well. And so... let me introduce you to the OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT IN.

Each day, an OUTSIDELEFT writer, someone we've previously featured, friends, guests, whomever, is stepping up to create a Spotify OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT IN Playlist of the day... It's free form, we don't know what we'll get but we're looking forward to it, and we're grateful too, to the many people who have asked to take part.

We've chosen Spotify because anyone can get a free account and it'll have no more ad interruptions than an hour of any other commercial station. But to be honest all work on all other OUTSIDELEFT follies has ceased for now. 

It All Starts Here
Our music editor, Jason Lewis, eased the project into life with yesterday's with a chilled out set. (Hear it here.)

This weeks' schedule includes Alarcon, on Monday, Ancient Champion on Tuesday, Friday, Arts Correspondent, Damon Hayhurst collates some amazing music and on Saturday, a big Saturday Night In with Warren aka DJ Jukebox Malkin.

So how do you listen?
Go here to see the latest playlist and an archive of past playlists at the OUTSIDELEFT  NIGHT IN Homepage


We'll post a weekly schedule here and on our Night In Homepage too.

This Weeks Schedule
Visit the Nights In Playlist homepage here
On Spotify Here

Founder & Publisher

Publisher, Lamontpaul founded outsideleft with Alarcon in 2004 and is hanging on, saying, "I don't know how to stop this, exactly."

Lamontpaul portrait by John Kilduff painted during an episode of John's TV Show, Let's Paint TV

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