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the system is broken Pogus Caesar's New Billboard Project

the system is broken

Pogus Caesar's New Billboard Project

by Lee Paul,
first published: June, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

the system is broken, for some, that is a very large and bitter pill to swallow

Discussing his new billboard project, Pogus Caesar said "the system is broken, for some, that is a very large and bitter pill to swallow".

The billboard concept, his contribution to the Black Lives Matter campaign, is not a first for Pogus, he's never been content for his art to be constrained in the collections of the UK's major galleries, although it is to be found there.

2019 saw the culmination of his three year project, alongside poet Benjamin Zephaniah, to revisit the events that took place in Handsworth, Birmingham UK in the mid 80s. Combining Pogus' astonishing, now iconic imagery, his wide open wide angled lens... Capturing working people passing upturned burning cars while heading home from work, with new texts from Benjamin Zephaniah, the critically acclaimed project captured necessity, in its essence.

Pogus worked with JackArts on the subsequent billboard campaign. "The street display was a hard-hitting social document and evocative reminder of the racial stereotyping and social inequality that still, as we’ve recently been reminded again, blights the world."

Main Image: Just Wan’t To Be Loved (2017) from Caesar’s series ‘Righting the Wrongs’
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Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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