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2020 The Story So Far 30 of Our most widely read stories of 2020 so far...

2020 The Story So Far

30 of Our most widely read stories of 2020 so far...

by Lee Paul,
first published: June, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

#1. Colin Gabbidon, interviewed by Guilaine Arts, is number one!

Strange Times of course, locked in, locked down, let out, let loose and... A lot of sitting around and reading and so, our most popular or widely read stories of 2020, so far. What should happen next? What happens next? Who knows... For now, no one is in control.

  1. Visual Art with a Steel Pulse by Guilaine Arts
    Colin Gabbidon - man of many talents
  2. Millicent Chapanda Week in Outsideleft by LamontPaul
    Next week is mbira musician, Millicent Chapanda week in OUTSIDELEFT, don't miss it!
  3. Un Hommage Clotaire Marboeuf, un musicien remarquable by Guilaine Arts
    De la biguine au Jazz
  4. Jamie Reid: Dragon's Revenge by Jeremy Gluck
    When Jamie Reid created the iconic Sex Pistols 'Bollocks' design, he was just getting started...
  5. Nonceptualism in the Northwoods by Jeremy Gluck
    Welcome to the Lockdome: Binary in the Time of Coronavirus
  6. Amphitheatre of Death by Paul Quigley
    artist Paul Quigley gets out and about with his sketchpad...
  7. Live and Uncensored Poetry and Song by Lee Paul
    Emma Purshouse leads a new line of poetry in Bearwood
  8. Pogus Caesar: This Job Is Never Done by LamontPaul
    Pogus Caesar on the work, and the music that helps him make it
  9. Outsideleft Night Out: Germa Adan and Millicent Chapanda by Hamilton High
    The Outsideleft Night Out was an outlandishly triumphant triumph.
  10. Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest by Jason Lewis
    Outsideleft's LP of 2019
  11. Re-release & Artist of the Year by Jason Lewis
    Ahead of unveiling our album of the year, we need to discuss the most significant re-release of the year.
  12. Walking Distance by LamontPaul
    Sabine Lettmann takes fashion on a different route
  13. Calendar of the Year by Lee Paul
    Lorna Rose's Bus Sketches is OUTSIDELEFT's calendar of the Year
  14. American Crisis by Ancient Champion
    Bob Mould Is Angry All Over Again
  15. Master of Ceremonies by Pixievic
    A poem by Pixievic
  16. The Last Dance by Alarcon
    How One Little Man Destroyed America's Greatest Dynasty
  17. Kinks, Curls and Fades by LamontPaul
    The Natural Hair Movement Shakes It Loose
  18. * Exquisite Minutes by LamontPaul
    Museumgoer 11
  19. The Deep Purple Falls Over Sleepy Garden Walls by Toon Traveller
    First Gig: Toon Traveller recalls a first gig, a magical night and the start of an enduring love for live music
  20. Everything Momus All The Time by John Robinson
    New OL contributor John Robinson is going to review everything Momus ever did or does...
  21. What Can You Do by LamontPaul
    people are so fucking sick of the situation it's no wonder they are taking to the streets, no other language has been heard
  22. About Paris by Meave Haughey
    Meave Haughey passes you a parting note from Paris
  23. Paris is Burning by Alarcon
    Paris cooking, it's the first time Alarcon smiles in 2020...
  24. Making Marks by Duncan Jones
    a new poem by Duncan Jones...
  25. Now The Kingfisher by Lee Paul
    Lee Paul eavesdrops as Jason Lewis and Ancient Champion talk about how their Kingfisher came to be
  26. Key Workers by Alarcon
    The Strokes relish the new abonormal
  27. If You're Going to San Francisco by Sophia Satchell-Baeza
    Peter Whitehead and Anthony Stern's Intense Collaboration
  28. Four Reasons Why I Did This Now by Lee Paul
    David Benjamin Blower releases the stripped down version of his critically acclaimed LP
  29. Scott Aicher & Iris Berry by Ancient Champion
    Paintings and Poetry... Cornelius Projects presents Scott Aicher and Iris Berry.
  30. What Are You Doing Sunday, Baby? by Ancient Champion
    If you're at a loose end this Sunday, it's your last chance to catch Kate Groobey at London's Art Fair

    #1. Colin Gabbidon, interviewed by Guilaine Arts, is number one!

Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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