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Apocalyptic Lockdown David Benjamin Blower has a new EP you must hear

Apocalyptic Lockdown

David Benjamin Blower has a new EP you must hear

by Lee Paul,
first published: September, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

an EP of songs feeling out the world

David Benjamin Blower
Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues: Part II

One of the few truly compelling songwriters remaining in the world is David Benjamin Blower. I mean, I could attempt to draw your attention to his new record, Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues: Part II, with my archetypal panic laden, working way too hard to be workaday, imposter-y prose. I know what I do. Or I could begin by simply copy and pasting the opening lines from Home, on of four tracks on his new bandcamp release, Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues: Part II 

Do you feel them: the Angels of the future, poised for war?
Hanging over the paralysed present. And everyone is
Stood on their toes, and setting their anxious jaws,
straining to see beyond the moving wall of time, the horizon

With nine full minutes of entertainment, Home, is Hurricane-esque in it’s ambition. It clanks, it bellows, is slides into view, it’s portentous heart worn high on its sleeve. David says that Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues is an EP of songs feeling out the world, since lockdown drifted vaguely into a time of ambiguous griefs and uncertainties.

In some ways David Benjamin Blower makes Nick Cave’s Bible Bashing sound like the mumblings of a neophyte. Dilettante dabbling. And I hope that you do not infer from that any disrespect for the awesome Nick Cave. One of the few performers these days I’d leave the house for, or invite over. It remains that David Benjamin Blower is your actual theologian. He's probably dishing out sacraments somewhere as you read this…

David Benjamon Blower EP

Essential Info
Hear/Buy Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues: Part ll on Bandcamp

Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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