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REJOICE, REJOICE... REJOICE? Toon Traveller Marooned, but the cinema opened...


Toon Traveller Marooned, but the cinema opened...

by Toon Traveller, Travel Correspondent
first published: September, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

Cinemas, open, great to see...

Great news, sunny start always lifts the heart, at days’s start. At long, long last, Covid-19 Closeout, Lockdown, shutoff, lights out, is ending slowly, painfully slowly. I’ve eaten out to help out, 4 times, boycotted chains, closing down my hometown, lock ‘em out of your life. Pubs open, albeit part time, no drink out, to help, hammered by restaurants, who still drowning in ‘lights out’ after the silent tabled summer, grope, last grasp struggles for a last life. Hope for more of the same?  yes please, we all want something for nothing, we’ll play later, well someone will. But sadly amongst all the Boehme, and feel good, and I did feel good, THERE is dark side, a worry for us all, hopes for change,  a better world,  Restaurant staff, serving cheap food, are reporting abuse,  empty tables waiting bookings , customers demanding money off booze, abusing staff for limiting table time, slow service whining.  Abusing staff is at anytime is out of order, in the Covid-19 world it tells me, as do discarded face mask, pavement dying. In our hearts we see all too few care, small changes resentful, resistant, ignorant, no respect, no thought, consideration, respect

I see the grasping selfie, self focused, world that locked down in March, loosened chains, is rapidly running  back, arms and mouths open ,to the familiar “ me, me, me” screw everyone else  world. 

Rejoice: Jury's out on this one


Upside, local Cinema  on the Costa del Tyne, Blockbluster,  Tenet , all CGI, blurred  lines Video games and Films, cameras tracking bullets, explosions all red and orange, people 10 strides air running, fantasy free running   blockbuster busted for me. Lifetime away from, first childhood visit, Northern Ireland,  first film, Rio Lobo. Cookstown or Newcastle, it’s the light, adverts, music, volume and sheer scale and scope of the white screen. Seats, then picknick benches, now business class plane seats. Lights down, chatter calms, screen lights,  swirling blue lines, 60’s pop sounds, end in a  ‘Baaraaphh’  and the legend ‘Pearl and Dean’ selling to the nation. 

Adverts, local chip shops,  national Gins, the rustle of ruffled popcorn, sweet  caramelised perfume, drifting , last breeze wafted, doors close, dusk become night. Screen ignites white on black, how many producers, special producers, executive producers, consultant producers,  does a film need? That’s not changed”. 

Film title, opening scene, , cliff top, winter blue skies, sense of wind blustering on the High cliffs, a flashback and the magic begins. Hope Cove, English Film, talking; age, lost purpose, lovelessness, desperation, a preCovid-19 film. Household , routine routed, unhappy, ignorant, selfish, life played out. Separation, coping, not coping, desperation and hurt, sometime like now,  there are only crap choices, OR, there are  shit choices. njoyable film, NO, just great to go, and see ‘art house’ art inspired, subdued film. Point was, Cinemas, open, great to see, be, rekindle, recover a teen life legacy, 6 months lost, enjoyable now as it was then.

Downside, masked in the dark, a strangely worrying, is that the word. Upside, good preparation for longer travel,  long time masking , bloody hot, we’ll got to suck it up and live with it. Sun worshipers hitting the bars and beaches across the Med, that’ll need practice, masks inside a new reality for us all.

Rejoice: Yeeaahh - it’s greeting an old lost friend, catching up and enjoying each other’s company, the surface may have changed but pleasure’s reassuringly the same.   

Rejoice ??
Toon live gigs chasing,  keeping music live, Newcastle Ulilita Arena open air staged,  Meteorological Autumn, race course,  cold and wet, socially distanced, pictures don’t sell it to me, ( google for details) never an open air , ligger, gigger, sing-a-long, arms waving singer. Pubs n clubs, bars n theatres, small and intimate, sweaty and hot, up close and personal, music  love. An  Annual pilgrimage to “hcmf”, ( google for info), annulled.  So it’s next best, second, third, fourth best thing. Live streamed concert into a Cinema. Tried, Glasto at home, no atmosphere, friends, beers  pizza, carpet dancing, don’t cut it. Good thing, no mud, dry if it rains, qeueless toilet.

Lone on-line gigs, failure for me, contemporary music radio 3 catch up, streamed, too many diversions, distractions, next seat sitters, intense, and silence seekers, makes music and being there special, Cinema will do. 

Max Richter, hcmf suspended, one night only in Toon’s Cinema,a promise of  delight. Not a concert, live streamed, not a concert film, please god not a 60’s style happening, but something more or less. Won’t be ‘Rolling Stones in the Park’, nor ‘Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii’, a mix and match according a couple of Obtuse reviews. Not the complete eight hour performance, Radio 3 played several years ago, something more or less. Anticipation, no music clues, , the heading, literally, into unknown, that’s contemporary music .. Yeah a few quid to be well spent.

Rejoice: Probably - too high an expectation probably,  low satisfaction, concerts at hcmf had that before, a chance to relive those open minded, open seated, open minded music events whose anticipated mystery, as important as the music.

Toon Traveller
Travel Correspondent

Born - happy family, school great mates still see 7 / 8 in year, degreed, beer n fun, work was lazy but usually happy, retired. Learning from mum and dads travel exploits.
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