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The 25 Biggest Stories of 2020 Guilaine Arts' interview with Colin Gabbidon tops the lot...

The 25 Biggest Stories of 2020

Guilaine Arts' interview with Colin Gabbidon tops the lot...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

The highlights that aren't even these stories... 100 Epic Playlists, the OUTSIDELEFT Night Out, releases from our nascent music label...

25 stories that you readers kept on reading in 2020. Here they are. The Big Ones. Topped by Guilaine Arts' interview with Colin Gabbidon, one of the founding members of the legendary Steel Pulse. It's great to see so many new and returning contributors, thank you to all of you writers and readers for making this happen. Of course, by every metric, even by our low, low standards it was a shitty year at OL, I always know things are going wrong when I have to write too much of this, so c'mon new contributors, come on over, someone must have something else to say...

  1. Visual Art with a Steel Pulse by Guilaine Arts
    Colin Gabbidon - man of many talents
  2. From Eszter Balint to Carla Bley... Cassis B Staudt meets New York by LamontPaul
    It's Cassis B Staudt Week in Outsideleft
  3. If You're Going to San Francisco by Sophia Satchell-Baeza
    Peter Whitehead and Anthony Stern's Intense Collaboration
  4. Niche: A Memoir in Pastiche by John Robinson
    Momus lauded by the stars
  5. Jamie Reid: Dragon's Revenge by Jeremy Gluck
    When Jamie Reid created the iconic Sex Pistols 'Bollocks' design, he was just getting started...
  6. How Do You Make A Movie When You've Got No Money? by Lee Paul
    Lee Paul interviews the big figures at Powis Square Pictures
  7. About Paris by Meave Haughey
    Meave Haughey passes you a parting note from Paris
  8. Millicent Chapanda: My Music, My Life by LamontPaul
    Millicent Chapanda Week begins with the mbira star talking about her life and work
  9. Handsworth Riots 1985 by Ancient Champion
    Pogus Caesar joins Café Royal Books to publish his seminal archive of the Handsworth Riots
  10. Remembering Dave Kusworth by Lake
    Kirk Lake reflects on the impact of the music of Dave Kusworth
  11. Laraaji: Forever Changes by Jason Lewis
    With the release of his new record, Sun Piano, Laraaji is all fun, philosophy and full on happenstance...
  12. Amphitheatre of Death by Paul Quigley
    artist Paul Quigley gets out and about with his sketchpad...
  13. Peter Whitehead: Man With The Movie Camera by Marek Pytel
    Marek Pytel's appreciation of 1960s counterculture filmmaker, Peter Whitehead by Marek Pytel
  14. Deep Diving For Less Likely Pearls by Jez Collins
    Jez Collins accompanies his playlist of hometown hits with just enough info to get you diving down for more
  15. Outsideleft Night Out: Germa Adan and Millicent Chapanda by Hamilton High
    The Outsideleft Night Out was an outlandishly triumphant triumph.
  16. Just Passing Thru: Lisboa Orientes Railway Station by DJ Fuzzyfelt
    DJ Fuzzyfelt begins our new series of itinerant encounters
  17. Master of Ceremonies by Pixievic
    A poem by Pixievic
  18. Walking Distance by LamontPaul
    Sabine Lettmann takes fashion on a different route
  19. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart... by John Robinson
    Philophobia Records' Rob Dee talks to John Robinson about finding hits in Wakefield
  20. Key Workers by Alarcon
    The Strokes relish the new abonormal
  21. Scott Aicher & Iris Berry by Ancient Champion
    Paintings and Poetry... Cornelius Projects presents Scott Aicher and Iris Berry.
  22. El Chalten and Elsewhere by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveller on the way to Patagonia
  23. Mark Bingham's Back on the main stage by Alex V. Cook
    Legendary Louisiana record producer Mark Bingham takes his Strat to the Saturn Bar
  24. Clincher and others by Duncan Jones
    Duncan Jones leads off our national poetry day things with poems for the not so faint-hearted
  25. The Last Dance by Rene Williams
    How One Little Man Destroyed America's Greatest Dynasty

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