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No-production: Stillness and Exile Jeremy Gluck's Nonceptual, No Production Manifesto

No-production: Stillness and Exile

Jeremy Gluck's Nonceptual, No Production Manifesto

by Jeremy Gluck,
first published: March, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

Instead of agonising over what will become of art wouldn't it be easier just to not have any?

Definition: No-production: the action of unmaking or the process of being so unmade. That point at which the liminal collapses without hope of progression.

“…Some artists may find it difficult to restrain themselves from producing art. These artists will be invited to enter camps, where making of art works is forbidden, and where any work produced is destroyed at regular intervals. In place of the practice of art, people can spend time on the numerous historical, aesthetic and social  issues facing art. It will be necessary to construct more equitable forms for marketing, exhibiting and publicising art in the future. As the twentieth century has progressed, capitalism has smothered art - the deep surgery of the years without art will give it a new chance.” Gustav Metzger, 1974

No-production Manifesto: Fuck the present!

sacrifice my death to be alive. 

feel these things because human, because not machine. machine is not interested in what is interesting or being interested. Its immanence is bland acceptance. 

It doesn’t want-need. Its permanent live death state is perfect. No-production == reduce the human 1 to machine 0. 

failure of the human to be a machine. No-production isn’t being a robot, but robot being. ]] waiting as action ever-next computation. 

Making now whatever is next making it again so there is not now.  A system hanging forever. 

The ultimate no-production practice the artist produces nothing has no literal or figurative interest in making and work produced. --- example would be a generic, mass produced object such as a toaster. No-production of the toaster would be established by the artist laying claim to it by ignoring it; (using the image of a specific toaster purchased by an artist would create excessive energetic bonding). minimising any transactional element is paramount; this creates another neologism, transactionless art. --- go out now, purchase a generic toaster, and in so doing unmake the work. No-production states that: 

An artist is somebody who buys something. Deciding that the future doesn’t have to happen makes no-productive life possible. Life without moments. who gives a fuck about toasters?

with no conscious awareness of and/or interest in no-production engage in its practice. Artists are certainly not are at best parasites upon it. Beyond art strike because art strike an artist to strike; no-production is except art.

Instead of agonising over what will become of art wouldn’t it be easier just to not have any?

No-production want more confusion. ants you to fulfil your purpose until you find out what it is. is a mystery for the impoverished, aspirant pig. Will you join me in this slag? head inside my container. a washing machine that makes you dirty. never said it would fit. It’s comfortable. just said it would kill you before death. nothing to fear, but fear of myself. 

what does not live is yet alive. Removing my body, becoming what I am.

Beyond to the Nullopocene, a period during which human activities have been nullified –There is literally no more time to make art. Humans can die, speed and efficiency, the rush to exist/ post digital we are going faster to crush ourselves out 

be constantly destroying yourself to challenge consensual reality. Refuse this reality.

The order and logic of it having collapsed, life is no-production. no-production of life brings cessation, then the world is produced, or is started again. When life you know enters no-production it no longer is produced. When life as known ceases to be it produced states of death. This no-production. 

Fuck the present! live without the present.


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Download the No Production PDF (1mb)

Jeremy Gluck

Jeremy Gluck (MArts), is an expatriate Canadian, UK-based metamodernist intermedia artist. His background is multidisciplinary, spanning, writing, music, and art.

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