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Celebrating Sanctuary with Ilias Lintzos Multi-instrumentalist Ilias Lintzos performs at the next Bitesize concert

Celebrating Sanctuary with Ilias Lintzos

Multi-instrumentalist Ilias Lintzos performs at the next Bitesize concert

by Ancient Champion, Columnist
first published: March, 2021

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his solo records are a personal acoustic journey back to his roots

Celebrating Sanctuary Bitesize Livestream
Featuring Ilias Lintzos
Saturday April 3rd, 7pm

BitsizeThe next iteration of Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham's thrilling Bitesize streaming concert series features multi-instrumentalist, drummer and producer, the well known local musician, Ilias Lintzos.

Originally from Greece, Ilias studied music with one of his favorite drummers, Mike Kapilidis, at the Modern Music School in Athens before moving to the UK. 

Ilias based himself in Birmingham where he is a very much in demand session drummer, performing with acts as diverse as Rubella Ballet and Winston Reedy and many more too numerous to mention.

(That dude on the left, that's the brilliant bassist Martin, - we know that guy!)

Ilias has released seven solo LPs, and considers his records to be a personal acoustic journey back to his roots, as he blends musicial influences from a round the world. His most recent full length LP, Invisible Colours was nominated for a prestigious Birmingham Music Award in 2020.

From the LP, Invisible Colours

For Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham's Bitesize show, Ilias is performing on Tzouras and Percussion and is joined by Tim Botfield on Mandolin, Guitar and Irish Bouzouki, and Johannes Norris-Brown on Guitar and Mandolin.

Ilias with the equally astonishing Layla Tutt in 2016

Invisble Colours on Bandcamp
Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham, website

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