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Track by Track: Museumgoer 16 Narcoleptic Taxi's, Trees, a Mudlark Crisis, Flying Cars and a General Lament. Museumgoer 16 has all this and more...

Track by Track: Museumgoer 16

Narcoleptic Taxi's, Trees, a Mudlark Crisis, Flying Cars and a General Lament. Museumgoer 16 has all this and more...

by Lee Paul,
first published: April, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

Musemgoer walks us through the new EP, 16


We love Museumgoer, probably the most emotionally mortifying prolific rocknroll act currently operating in showbusiness. Museumgoer 16, which came out on April 11th, and it's important to know the precise date because we can't be sure that there won't be another record before the end of the month, contains five imagination stretching tunes. What could be better than having the Museumgoer talk us through the tracks...

Museumgoer 16
Theme from Narcoleptic Taxi
"Theme from Narcoleptic Taxi" came from the little guitar lick I was playing over and over on the couch while watching TV until I nodded off with my hands on the strings. Before then, I had painted a watercolor portrait of "Taxi" star Andy Kaufman, and he was sitting there looking at me when I snapped to.

Forest for the Trees
"Forest for the Trees" was made to accompany a 3d-animation by my friend. Anne Bolner.

General Lament
I find that when I'm feeling sorry for myself, it's a good time to play piano - not because it alleviates any of those feelings, but because it puts them right there in the open like an undercooked turkey on a holiday platter. The piano tells you, "Go tend to your bird."

Museumgoer 16 cover

Mudlark Crisis
"Mudlark Crisis" - I tasked my daughter with coming up with a name for this one. She said it reminded her of Tom Burleigh's meditative mudlarking YouTube videos, where he wades through old creeks in England looking for odd bits of glass and wire to melt down in his forge. The beat, she said, sounds like crunching through the rocks. I have often wondered if he’s ever found a body out there and this might be his fevered reaction if he did. (Tom Burleigh's Mudlarking Channel can be found here)

Tape for a Flying Car
"Tape for a Flying Car" - Imagine a flying car! This tape would come with it!

16 from Musuemgoer is available, as are all Museumgoer EPs, on Bandcamp and streaming services everywhere.

released April 11, 2021
Alex V. Cook: electric guitar, nylon guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, electric bass, drums, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano, Moog Theremini, accordion, synthesizers
Cover photo: Catholic gift store, Baton Rouge. 2020

Hear Museumgoer on Bandcamp, here



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