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The Stories So Far These are the top 20 stories our readers have read this year, so far

The Stories So Far

These are the top 20 stories our readers have read this year, so far

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: June, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

Never let the truth get in the way of a movie about your heroes

Ahh. Mid-year and I know what you've been thinking... What have been the most widely read stories in OUTSIDELEFT this year so far. We wondered ourselves. So before heading onto the back nine for 2021, (although, we never actually do that, we don't venture beyond driving range) - here then are the most popular, widely read, widely liked stories published in OUTSIDELEFT in 2021.

The Top 20 Stories from 2021. So Far

  1. Can 'Shoplifters Of The World' Live Up To The Myth It Was Inspired By?
    Never let the truth get in the way of a movie about your heroes by Alarcon
  2. Millicent Chapanda - Celebrating Sanctuary Livestream
    Mbira superstar Millicent Chapanda opens the Celebrating Sanctuary livestream series by Lee Paul
  3. Speaking and Singing at the Same Time
    Dry Cleaning didn't invent the chatty vocal style... by Duncan Jones
  4. The Art of Don & Moki Cherry - Organic Music Societies - Book Review
    Lake previews a major new publication on the remarkable Don Cherry and Moki Cherry. by Lake
  5. Then Melanie Howard Creates A Masterpiece
    Such Small Hands' debut LP Carousel is beautiful and unbound by Ancient Champion
  6. Track by Track: Athenian - Momus
    Momus takes us on a song by song circuit of 'Athenian', his latest album by John Robinson
  7. Say Hello... Wave Goodbye
    Jay Lewis revisits Japan with the release of the Deluxe Edition of 'Quiet Life' by Jay Lewis
  8. Madlib has a message from your Sound Ancestors
    Alex Cook says Madlib and Four Tet makes sense. Dirt and flowers. Static and signal. Groove and needle. by Alex V. Cook
  9. Momus: We're All Athenian Now
    Ahead of Momus himself walking us through his new record, track by track, John Robinson listens to Athenian by John Robinson
  10. Serge Gainsbourg: Relax Baby be Cool
    Gracey Babs On Jeremy Allen's Serge bio by Gracey Babs
  11. This looks like a gas station tape from an alternative 1983
    Everything about the new Tamar Aphek album is perfect. by Alex V. Cook
  12. Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché
    Some people still think little girls should be seen and not heard by Lake
  13. The Abolitions Festival
    The 9th Abolitions Festival in Paris and Brittany from May 6th - May 29th by LamontPaul
  14. Outsideleft at SXSW - Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror - Review
    Lake ventures deep into the woods on the trail of the deeper roots of folk horror. by Lake
  15. Anarchy In A Small Corner of The UK
    The new weekly Ancient Champion Column Starts here by Ancient Champion
  16. Moods From Moderns...
    Sleaford Mods' Spare Ribs is their best yet by Jay Lewis
  17. Collapsing in Sunbeams
    Erin looks into what Arlo Parks is looking into by Erin
  18. Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts - Film Review
    Lake looks at a documentary examining the life of the American artist Bill Traylor. by Lake
  19. Amelia Troubridge shoots Motorhead
    In 1997, photographer Amelia Troubridge went on her first rocknroll tour assignment with... Motorhead by Ancient Champion
  20. The Ultimate Distractions
    Alex V Cook hears the Tindersticks talking to him by Alex V. Cook

And 5 that are Bubbling (under)

  1. No-production: Stillness and Exile
    Jeremy Gluck's Nonceptual, No Production Manifesto by Jeremy Gluck
  2. Daniel Meadows - Factory Records 1979-1980
    Cafe Royal Books and photographer Daniel Meadows publish candids from the Factory floor by Gracey Babs
  3. Rough Trade Books X Garden Museum - Pamphlet Series
    The new Rough Trade Books x Garden Museum pamphlet series are a joy. And we've got a bonus Bunch of Five songs for gardening selected by writer/gardener Susanna Grant. by Lake
  4. Viva! Alan Vega
    Alan Vega's lost album comes from Sacred Bones by Toon Traveller
  5. Everyone Loves Ascending Fourths
    Erin listens to black midi's ambitious second long player by Erin

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