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Bite-sized MUHA Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham Autumn Bitesize online concert series continues with MUHA

Bite-sized MUHA

Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham Autumn Bitesize online concert series continues with MUHA

by Ancient Champion, Columnist
first published: September, 2021

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Autumn Bitesize Series is Now

Oh hey, in the springtime, Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham’s Bitesize online concert series brought a fantastic array of international musicians, through the magic of the internet, into our living rooms. It was so exciting. The music and melodies were often stunning and rarely less than mesmerising. With WOMAD parked for another year too, the work Celebrating Sanctuary put into staging those concerts, featuring world class musicians, refugees from distant lands, was just the most welcome filip for audience and performers alike as the pandemic restrictions endured.

CSBCelebrating Sanctuary Birmingham (CSB) has another series of concerts underway and we will trail them here as soon as we have specific details. The Autumn bite-sized, pre-recorded, live performances continue this Sunday afternoon, October 3rd with the amazing Eastern European Contemporary folk band MUHA - from the heart of the multicultural East Midlands' Nottingham.  MUHA have performed on the CSB programme live, many times over the years, and at the Moseley Folk Festival, Ort Cafe, Mac and many more. 

MUHA’s musicians come from different walks of life and each one of them combines their expertise to create a truly unique sound. The band formed in 2004 when singer/ songwriter Iryna Muha met guitarist Dmitry Fedotov. Together with Louise Clements on bass/kathak vocals and Nikki Mckenzie percussion, MUHA offers an enthralling fusion of Slavonic-rooted music enhanced with rhythms and global folklore narratives.

Hurdy Gurdy City Jam is a recent live solo recording from Iryna Muha.

With support from Arts Council England, CSB’s contribution to the city’s musical landscape is unparalleled. This weekend, on October 3rd at 3pm don't miss the MUHA livestream using the link here. And you can access CSB’s website or social media pages at any time for all of the latest updates.

Please visit the CSB Facebook Page
CSB Website

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