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4am Outsideleft's Big National Poetry Day: Jimmy Andrex Jimmy Andrex - Festival of Brexit

4am Outsideleft's Big National Poetry Day: Jimmy Andrex

Jimmy Andrex - Festival of Brexit

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: October, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

Jimmy Andrex - Festival of Brexit


Don’t ask believers to ever explain it
Or give concrete examples of benefits
Or fathom out how we’ll get over it:

Just run along, come along,
Right or wrong, bag a gong.
Swap metres for furlongs.
Bang a bong, sing a song,

There’ll be no Skylon to admire
And your sheets of nylon just might catch fire

At the Festival Of Brexit.

The queues will be endless, to bind us asunder.
The tent leaks like a promise, the fish supplier’s gone under.
Workers are casual now their rights have been plundered.

So come along, hum along,
With a headlong swan song,
A years long ding dong.
What could possibly go wrong

At the Festival of Brexit?

Career opportunities will be fewer & fewer,
There’s a smell of decay like a medieval sewer,
The face on a fiver’s Julia Hartley Brewer

At the Festival of Brexit.

The catering tent may lack some edge
With shortages of imported fruit & veg
So suck on a limp lettuce celebration
Of a facebook-fed dis-united Kingdom
There’ll be loads to celebrate, you’ll soon see,
Cos Ringo and Michael Caine both agree
That it’s better to be poor
while rich men tell you you’re free:

At the Festival of Brexit

Free of red tape, like Health & Safety.
Free to make trade deals we had already
Free from all those skilled doctors & nurses
& carers & plumbers & cancer researchers.

Free to be racist, Free to tell lies,
Free to feed hedge funds, free to eugenicise.

So tag along, string along,
Wave a flag the daylong
Monkey chants are the new theme song
Laurence Fox is in a thong.

At the Festival of Brexit.

Democracy’s welcome
Extends to lies and hate
So don’t call him Boris
‘Cos he’s not your mate


Jimmy Andrex


Something you should know:
Jimmy Andrex is a poet who performs his work all over the UK. Black Horse Poet of the Year on two occasions, he has published three collections, along with five albums of poetry to music the most recent of which is State of That (Jan 2020). Jimmy is Co-Founder (with John Irving Clarke) of Red Shed Readings since 2008, he is a regular presenter on elfm’s Love the Words, where he writes and produces The Jimmy Andrex Outside Broadcast, a poetry sitcom, as well as co-curating their Writing on Air Festival. In addition he co-hosts events nationwide for EMOM, (Electronic Music Open Mic, with Martin Christie. He has also been featured on BBC 6Music.


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