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Track by Track: Museumgoer 18 Museumgoer has come of age, Museumgoer 18 has arrived

Track by Track: Museumgoer 18

Museumgoer has come of age, Museumgoer 18 has arrived

by Lee Paul,
first published: November, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

I feel I must apologize for the glaringly triumphant feel of this track - Museumgoer [Anything is Impossible!]

New Museumgoer EPs are a cause for celebration at OL. This minimal miniseries fires our musical imagination good and proper. Museumgoer 18 is brilliant, and brilliantly unobtrusive (as the Big M says). The whole brief thing gets underway with what’s that? A hint of Tina Weymouth, maybe… We're looking forward to the box set.

Let’s let the Museumgoer talk us through the situation from there...


Museumgoer 18I read somewhere that "jétzt" is a German word for "now" and I could not believe someone hasn't formed a Krautrock band around this idea. Consider this being me calling dibs on Jétzt and possibly changing the name of this project to it and do you want to start a band called Jétzt?


I had a panic attack one morning on the way to work, so I put on ABBA as a means to calm my fevered mind. until I could take something for it. Then, as it wore off later that afternoon, ABBA came back on, completing the palindrome of self-care.

Anything is Impossible!

I feel I must apologize for the glaringly triumphant feel of this track. It reminded me of explaining to my dad how the sound card on my Commodore 64 works, how I was generating sound and he said, "Impossible. Those sounds are already in the computer. You are just telling it to play them."

Gandalf in Eden

I have a great affinity toward the grand synth projects of the 1970s, where they would strive to express feelings about the eternal, or at least popular fantasy literature at the time, through unwieldly banks of patch bays and filters. Unlike the pioneers of this type of expression, I possess none of their gear, deep musical language, nor their patience. I do, however, have a laptop and can make a funny title I thought of in the car turn into something, in its way, grand.

The Museumgoer plays: Hammond organ, bass guitar, Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, glockenspiel, synthesizers, drums, virtual instruments

Essential Info
Cover Photo from Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Orlando, 2021
Museumgoer 18 and all other Museumgoing business on Bandcamp here

Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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