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The Self: SWND Co-Founder Jeremy Gluck Returns With Stellar Remix Compilation The Self closes one circle and cycle of creative output, while creating a further one

The Self: SWND Co-Founder Jeremy Gluck Returns With Stellar Remix Compilation

The Self closes one circle and cycle of creative output, while creating a further one

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: July, 2022

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"What Jeremy Gluck has brought and continues to bring to music is what nobody else can bring, i.e., lyrical innovation and artistic integrity that goes far beyond the constraints of a business model." Brendon Moeller, Beat Pharmacy Echologist

cover artJune 3rd saw the release on SWND Records of a new compilation of collaborative remixes from Jeremy Gluck. Spanning over ten years, The Self closes one circle and cycle of creative output from this prolific artist, while creating a further one, opening with work a decade old and finishing with two contemporary mixes. The spectrum of styles The Self encompasses is as varied and volatile as its long list of remixers, all providing Gluck with sophisticated soundscapes in which to situate his spoken word performances. 

Lead singer of legendary cult band The Barracudas, whose catalogue has grown in popularity over the decades - the most recent addition to which will be a Cherry Red Records CD boxset celebrating the band’s EMI debut album Drop Out with The Barracudas -  with diverse international releases, Jeremy Gluck as a solo artist has had songs covered by artists including Lydia Lunch and Rowland S Howard (the latter of The Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls), and worked with Howard, Nikki Sudden (Swell Maps), Epic Soundtracks, and The Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce, with whom in 1987 he recorded what is often considered the first cult supergroup and album, I Knew Buffalo Bill.

Now a cult recording artist, digital and NFT fine artist, spoken word artist, and prolific electronic music and sound and video art collaborator, in 1997 Jeremy Gluck began a journey into experimental electronica that led in time to collaborations with some of the genre’s leading lights. Working with Youth (Martin Glover); expatriate South African DJ and producer Brendon Moeller, whose producer pseudonyms Echologist and Beat Pharmacy, are synonymous with the cream of contemporary EDM; US underground electronica ace, the late Dave Fuglewicz; Canadian poet and artist Michael Dent, with whom Gluck collaborated intensively; Bad Seeds’ alumni Mick Harvey; Phase 47 (alter ego of Ascendant co-founder and Grammy-nominated  mastering engineer Don Tyler; and UK producer Paul Hazel, whose Bamboo Radical label is renowned for its niche boutique mixes Gluck on The Self tops off this stellar bucket list with a collaboration with the late Marty Thau, legendary Svengali producer whose discovery of Suicide, and pioneering work with The New York Dolls, Blondie, and Ramones defined the onset of New York punk rock, and who supervised the remixes by Europop club hits Lola Dutronic, and Dub Gabriel, a celebrated music producer and DJ based in San Francisco.

The Self ends with two mixes embracing his latest adventures into art and music. As an artist, Gluck in July 2019 presented his paper on Gustav Metzger at the UWTSD Nexus Conference in Swansea, Wales. He has exhibited in London, Sydney, Bath, and Swansea, is a member of Non-Place Collective based at Fringe Arts Bath, and a film created by Gluck is now part of the BFI archive.

The closers to the album are those two new mixes done for it, by Phase47 and Paul Hazel, of Plan for a Performance, a spoken word piece that had its debut at Bodfa Continuum, part of April 2022’s Anglesey Art Weeks, a project of Julie Upmeyer, an artist and initiator, and has since been performed at The Shift in Cardiff, and at Controlled, the fifth Axe Head to Everything Collective (of which Gluck is a co-founder) show at Volcano Theatre in May, 2022.

Plan for a Performance (Paul Hazel Mix)

Jeremy Gluck - Plan for a Performance Phase47 Mix

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