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Tav On Tour 2022


On Tour 2022

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: July, 2022

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"I don't think folks give Tav Falco and the Panther Burns enough credit... Tav Falco is hip!" Jon Spencer, BLUES EXPLOSION

Tav Falco, an OUTSIDELEFT favorite for sure, is embarking on a massive US tour. Beginning out West, The Rogue Male tour will run from August through October and include favorites from throughout Tav Falco's Panther Burns' four decades of recordings.

Tav began his career playing alongside Box Tops/Big Star frontman Alex Chilton in the first lineup of Panther Burns in 1979. In more recent years, he has been backed by a trio of Italian musicians for both recording and live dates. 

The most recent addition to Falco's discography is last November's Club Car Zodiac EP. Released for Record Store Day by ORG Music, the vinyl and digital release features five tracks, including an electric cover of "House of the Rising Sun." The same musicians featured on the EP — producer/guitarist Mario Monterosso, bassist Giuseppe Sangirardi, and drummer Walter Brunetti — as will appear on the concert dates.

Tav Falco and Panther Burns have recorded 14 studio albums and dozens of singles for such legendary labels as Rough Trade and New Rose, and been cited as an influence by Primal Scream, The Fall, and Spiritualized.


What the Stars say...

“Tav has long been a hero/inspiration to Primal Scream. A true master of rock and roll and a cultural ditch digger on the same level as The Cramps. Thanks for all the great music, Tav. Stay Free!” — Bobby Gillespie, PRIMAL SCREAM
“I have been listening to Tav Falco’s Panther Burns since his first LP, Behind the Magnolia Curtain (1981), when Tav, along with The Cramps, turned a whole new generation onto the twisted pleasure of rock ‘n’ roll. He’s got everything... rock ‘n’ roll, blues, tango, style in abundance, and most important, but never overrated, SOUL.” – Jason Pierce, SPIRITUALIZED
“I don’t think folks give Tav Falco and the Panther Burns enough credit... Tav Falco is hip!” – Jon Spencer, BLUES EXPLOSION


 08/25:  San Francisco, CA — Great Northern / TICKETS
08/26:  Los Angeles, CA — The Airliner / INFO
08/27:  Palm Springs, CA — The Alibi / INFO
08/28:  Las Vegas, NV — Sand Dollar / INFO
08/30:  Flagstaff, AZ — Orpheum Theater / INFO
08/31:  Phoenix, AZ — Rhythm Room / TICKETS
09/01:  Tucson, AZ — HOCO Fest Club Congress / TICKETS
09/03:  Austin, TX — Sagebrush / TICKETS
09/04:  Houston, TX — Under the Volcano / TICKETS
09/05:  San Antonio, TX — The Lonesome Rose / TICKETS
09/07:  Dallas, TX — Club Dada / TICKETS
09/08:  Memphis, TN — Lafayette's Music Room / TICKETS
09/09:  Little Rock, AR — White Water Tavern / TICKETS
09/10:  Chicago, IL — Reggies / TICKETS
09/11:  Detroit, MI — Tin Roof / INFO
09/12:  Buffalo, NY — Mohawk Place / TICKETS
09/13:  Rochester, NY — Photo City Music Hall / INFO
09/15:  Woodstock, NY — The Colony / TICKETS
09/16:  New York, NY — No Aloha / TICKETS
09/17:  Providence, RI — Askew / INFO
09/18:  New Haven, CT — Café 9 / TICKETS
09/19:  Philadelphia, PA — Ortlieb's / INFO
09/20:  Asbury Park, NJ — The Saint / INFO
09/21:  Washington, DC — The Runaway / INFO
09/22:  Richmond, VA — Fuzzy Cactus / INFO
09/23:  Atlanta, GA — The Earl / TICKETS
09/24:  Asheville, NC — Fleetwood's / TICKETS
09/25:  Chattanooga, TN — Cherry Street Tavern / INFO
09/27:  Nashville, TN — The Basement / INFO
09/28:  Oxford, MS — Proud Larry's / TICKETS
09/29:  Pensacola, FL — The Handlebar 
09/30:  New Orleans, LA — One Eyed Jacks / TICKETS
10/01:  Natchez, MS — Locust Alley / INFO
10/02:  Lafayette, LA — Feed & Seed / INFO

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