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Going down to the SWN Festival... DJ Fuzzyfelt's rapid fire preview of Cardiff's venerable, late season, Swn Fest...

Going down to the SWN Festival...

DJ Fuzzyfelt's rapid fire preview of Cardiff's venerable, late season, Swn Fest...

by DJ Fuzzyfelt,
first published: October, 2022

approximate reading time: minutes

Adwaith... National treasure already?

Swn Festival
Friday Oct 21st - Sun 23rd October, 2022
Cardiff, Wales

This weekend sees the 15th Swn Festival in Cardiff.

Originally founded in 2007 by BBC DJ and Television Presenter Huw Stephens after he visited SXSW Festival in Austin Texas as a showcase for bands from all over the UK. Swn these days is organised by Clwb Ifor Bach, though, over the three days it uses many different venues in the city centre.

The event also highlights what a lovely city has become over the last 20 years or so. Great venues, - in Spillers Records the oldest record shop in the world and in Kelly's the oldest second hand record shop in the world - plus plenty of decent places to eat and drink or just hang out until the music starts.

Bands/Artists playing that are must sees include Adwaith (who's song Eto you'll probably hear everywhere), Sweet Baboo, Gindrinker, She's Got Spies, Billy Nomates, Lovely Eggs, Eadyth, Snapped Ankles, The Orielles, and Omaloma, but keep your ears open because there are always surprise guests.

A chilled weekend,soundtracked by great music in a lovely city. What more could you ask for?

Essential Info
Main image Adwaith - star turn at the Swn Festival, 2022
Swn website is here

DJ Fuzzyfelt

DJ Fuzzyfelt is a part time intinerant farm worker, sharing their time between Portugal and Wales where there is a lot of farm work... Lover of music, megaliths, and magick.

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