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What Just Happened? A recap of Outsideleft's Most Widely Read Stories from October 2022

What Just Happened?

A recap of Outsideleft's Most Widely Read Stories from October 2022

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: November, 2022

approximate reading time: minutes

In our top story, newly minted MFA, Gemma Moore talked to us about her art and her life

What Just Happened! We're recapping the most popular stories we published in Outsideleft in October. It is gratifying to see Gemma Moore's interview doing so well. Gemma is an artist with a whole lot to say and a long and fabulous career ahead.

Outsideleft's Most Widely Read Stories in October 2022

  1. New Vision, New Voices #1: Gemma Moore
    Newly minted MFA, Gemma Moore talked us about her art and her life by LamontPaul
  2. Into the 'Zone' with Cara Tivey
    Cara Tivey discusses her sublime new album as well as her inspirations, her collaborations and that post-punk Birmingham music scene... by Jay Lewis
  3. Old Enough To Die
    Boomers Killing What They Love by Tim London
  4. Tomeka Reid, Genius Now
    Tomeka Reid Wins the MacArthur Genius Award by LamontPaul
  5. Licensed Premises
    Neil Campbell's highly anticipated collection of short stories is out now by LamontPaul
  6. Johny Pitts - Home is Not a Place
    The renowned photographer ponders what it is Black British in a major show in Sheffield by Ogglypoogly
  7. New Vision, New Voices #2: Aqsa Khan Nasar
    This Art is United by Spices by Ancient Champion
  8. Going down to the SWN Festival...
    DJ Fuzzyfelt's rapid fire preview of Cardiff's venerable, late season, Swn Fest... by DJ Fuzzyfelt
  9. A Night Out with Big Joanie and Rachel Aggs
    Punk Stars Sent to Coventry's Lovely Library by Ancient Champion
  10. Square Eyes TV Festival
    Everything TV all the time at the Midlands Arts in November by Ancient Champion

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