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What Really Happened? A recap of Outsideleft's Most Widely Read Stories from November 2022

What Really Happened?

A recap of Outsideleft's Most Widely Read Stories from November 2022

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2022

approximate reading time: minutes

One-Time Little Englander Goes Global with Gorillaz by Alarcon - Damon Albarn swings through Inglewood like Britpop was just a dream

What Really Happened in November! We're recapping the most popular stories we published in Outsideleft in the past month. Good to see Gorillaz go top. That Alarcon's One-Time Little Englander Goes Global with Gorillaz is our wordiest piece in a while is reassuring too, since words are where it's at for me. Also, told Britpop like it was and if you don't believe us, check the band Heavenly's interview in Quietus for a similar conclusion this morning too...  Rob Pursey: Britpop is where what we would’ve called ‘indie’ went corporate. That was what was fundamentally wrong with it. And the fact that it ended up in Downing Street and in the form of Cool Britannia and was entirely co-opted, it felt like it had gone off down the wrong road. You could pick out individual bands who were really good, but as a whole it was the posturing of indie-ness without having the slightest shred of indie-ness, let alone punk-ness, about it. For me that was what was grotesque about it.

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Meanwhile. The most widelyread stories of November 2022 looked like this.

  1. One-Time Little Englander Goes Global with Gorillaz by Alarcon
    Damon Albarn swings through Inglewood like Britpop was just a dream
  2. Outsideleft Week in Music: Post Metal Mountainscape by LamontPaul
    We're hearing from... Mountainscape, Linda Lindas, Liv.e, Human League, Grace Kelly, Daisy George, Soft Cell, Jackie Mittoo, Rozzi, O, Beach Weather, Paper Idol, The Wombats, Gitkin, Joji, Nadine Khouri, Joshua Burnside and Gerald V Casale
  3. All Aboard Christeene's Midnite Fukk Train by Tim London
    Tim London's reviews Christeene's new LP
  4. John Cale Live on the Tyne by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveler gets to see the legendary John Cale
  5. A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be by Ancient Champion
    Mike Davis, author of City of Quartz has gone
  6. Risk Assessment by Tim Sparks
    Papa Shango's new LP is out now
  7. Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival by Toon Traveller
    2022 Pulitzer prize winner Raven Chacon leads a stellar cast
  8. Dead Alive by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveler sees the previously unreleased Grateful Dead live at Tivoli Concert Hall film
  9. Jenny McCann's Bear Bookshop Column by Jenny McCann
    First of our new monthly columns from the Bear Bookshop
  10. Big Star are still the Biggest Stars by DJ Fuzzyfelt
    DJ FuzzyFelt with a timely reminder
  11. Mishka Shubaly by Ogglypoogly
    Tales told with humour and soul-bearing honesty...
  12. 'I Want To Tell You...' by Jay Lewis
    ...Jay's head is 'filled with things to say' about the revolutionary 'Revolver'
  13. Excoriate Your Ears by Tim London
    Guitar legend Keith Levine ushered punk rock in... And Out Again
  14. Blown to Smithereens by Erin
    A further instalment of George Miller's tale
  15. An Interview with Jeremy Gluck by LamontPaul
    Donation by Paul Brookes of the Wombwell Rainbow
  16. Paper Idol: The Playground by Ogglypoogly
    From start to finish The Playground is a sequined bag of joyful noise.
  17. One Love! Those World Cup Shirts & Armbands by LamontPaul
    Outsideleft's Fifth World Cup
  18. Wilko Johnson by Graham Baker
    Graham Baker remembers a night on the tiles with the guitar great
  19. The Dark Side of The Rainbow by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox on finding Dorothy in us all
  20. Track by Track: MIDNITE FUKK TRAIN - CHRISTEENE by Lee Paul
    CHRISTEENE talks us through Midnite Fukk Train, one song at a time

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