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Contemporary Responses to the Childhood Paintings of John Scarlett Davis Gemma Moore's Views from the Windows in Leominster

Contemporary Responses to the Childhood Paintings of John Scarlett Davis

Gemma Moore's Views from the Windows in Leominster

by Lee Paul,
first published: January, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

John Scarlett Davis' paintings were very much characterised by representational realism

Views From The Windows
Contemporary Responses to the Childhood Paintings of John Scarlett Davis
Old Stable Gallery
February 1st-28th

Gemma Moore continues to bring art to unsuspecting corners of the country. A brand new show opens at The Old Stable Gallery in Leominster at the beginning of February... A celebration of John Scarlett Davis' work reflected through the views of Leominster and beyond!

Window viewThe artist, Gemma Moore talked about how the show came together, "Working with both Years 9 and 10 Earl Mortimer Art students has been an absolute delight. We worked together for 2 days to produce a body of work that represented our views of Leominster, the surrounding area and even some perspectives from windows from the other side of the world, such as Chengdu in China."

Gemma continues, "Our focuses for the sessions were originality, vibrancy and expression and these concepts were conveyed through our use of colours, shapes and lines. It was so fascinating to realise that the windows were portraits and representations of our daily lives. We used acrylics to generate subtle, bright and hued colours to rearticulate our personal spaces and places where we spend our time."

Gemma says, it was fascinating to observe how engaged the students became with their tasks and also it was intriguing to see their interest in John Scarlett Davis' work, whose paintings were very much characterised by representational realism. "I enjoyed watching the students develop their own contemporary voice inspired by Davis. It was also amazing to mirror Davis' use of painting on wood which was such a simple yet effective process of embodying Davis' making methodology."

Thank you Meadow Arts for involving Gemma in such a rewarding project and cultivating Leominster's rich and often overlooked history. As an artist, Gemma says, it was so rewarding to give the students a very small snippet and flavour of what contemporary art can be, and also to provide an opportunity for students to have their work displayed in public space.

Gemma Moore frequently features in Outsideleft, including info about her sold out Imagined Landscapes show in Bishops Castle and her Bunch of Five feature last December. 

Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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