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What Just Happened, Jan 23 Style in January, stories, we had them

What Just Happened, Jan 23 Style

in January, stories, we had them

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: February, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

What you readers have been reading

What just happened? Here are the stories our readers read the most in January 2023... Fab to see Miki Berenyi of Lush back on top ahead of her appearance at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival to talk about her book, Fingers Crossed: How Music Saved Me From Success. Our interview with Miki came together in two lucky shakes of a lamb's tail, at the tail end of last week... 

All The Hits from January 2023

  1. How Music Saved Miki Berenyi From Success by Ancient Champion
    Indie Superstar Miki Berenyi talks about her career and her memoir, Fingers Crossed: How Music Saved Me From Success
  2. Alan Rankine, More Than Qualified by Tim London
    Alan Rankine shared his spectacular success in the best way he could
  3. Italia 90 - Harmony by Tim London
    when a band is rooted so firmly in a particular aesthetic then the review should acknowledge that and apply the same social and cultural context
  4. Britpop '23 - The Return Of The End Of Irony by Tim London
    Tim London says the britpoppers stabbed to death Britain's most important cultural and artistic invention of the 20th century (no, not James Bond). And pushed the least tasty bits into a sausage machine.
  5. Oh Me Oh My by Lee Paul
    Lonnie Holley has new LP looming...
  6. Gemma Moore's Imagined Landscapes by LamontPaul
    Gemma Moore's new work opens in Bishops Castle
  7. Free Your Lunchtime with Seikou Susso by LamontPaul
    Refugee activists Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham and B:Music free lunchtime concerts series returns
  8. Obrigado Pele! by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox remembers the difference Pele made off the field
  9. Here Come The Euros by Tim London
    PiL are aiming to be the Irish entry for the Eurovision song contest
  10. Welcome Back Outsideleft Week in Music! by LamontPaul
    We're hearing from... Skrillex Pink Pantheress & Trippie Redd, PiL, Cat Clyde, Big Joanie, Dry Cleaning, Tape Runs Out, Pale Jay and Okonski, Fantastic Negrito, The Resolve, Shame, Sleep Token, Automatic, Lonnie Holley, Atlassian, The Lemon Twigs, Tianna Esperanza, Janel Leppin, Debby Friday, John Bailey, John Cale and Low Girl
  11. This is What You Like by Jenny McCann
    Bear Bookshop's Jenny McCann on the books you should consider reading right now
  12. Big Joanie by Ancient Champion
    The Hare and Hounds
  13. Stuck inside a Snowy House, with the Desert Blues Again by Toon Traveller
    Ali Farka Toure's forthcoming LP Voyageur, stirs up memories of what might have been
  14. FIFA, Qatar and Me by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveler Goggleboxes the World Cup Final in Malaga
  15. Outsideleft Week in Music: So this is what 100 looks like.... by LamontPaul
    we're hearing from De La Soul, Hania Rani, Young Fathers, U2, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Eloise, Nick Cave, Valerie June, Holy Moly and The Crackers, Rich Brian, Wilco, Jethro Tull, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Say Lou Lou, Jesus Piece and The Telescopes
  16. Wolverhampton Literature Festival 2023 by Lee Paul
    Some highlights and other lights at the 2023 Wolverhampton Lit Fest
  17. Gemma Moore Sells Out by LamontPaul
    Gemma Moore's Imagined Landscapes work at Bishop's Castle has sold out
  18. Obrigado Pele! by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox relembrando Pele (em portugues)
  19. Tom Verlaine by Tim London
    Carried Away
  20. Contemporary Responses to the Childhood Paintings of John Scarlett Davis by Lee Paul
    Gemma Moore's Views from the Windows in Leominster

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