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No Yoga, Not in the Air, Not Tonight Museumgoer 21 is here and it's a big one

No Yoga, Not in the Air, Not Tonight

Museumgoer 21 is here and it's a big one

by Ancient Champion, Columnist
first published: February, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

The big hold up on this EP was finding the right cover image - Museumgoer

Remember Victor Kyam? Of course you do, "I liked it so much, I bought the company." I have liked the 20  Museumgoer releases prior to this so much, I bought the hat. Now Museumgoer 21 is here, providing a bumper crop of Museumgoer tracks, but who's counting? Luckily for us all, here's a track by track from ol' Musey hi'self...


No Yoga

My gym abruptly stopped offering yoga classes in the evening which led me to walk away in exaggerated consumer anger a while back, and because of my reaction to my reaction, I've been reluctant to go back, even though no one cares or even noticed. It is a cycle that runs my life, one on which I could climb on and use to at least get some exercise.

1 5 7 2 8
I had a yen to make a dreamy pop song at my desk one afternoon, and this is the result. I came dangerously close to adding vocals and lyrics to this one, but thankfully, some I came across some shortwave numbers station recordings that fit the bill.

Pursuant of the Silver Bloom
One of my great meditative pleasures every day is making a pour-over coffee: standing in my kitchen, waiting to experience the "bloom" when the hot water hits the grounds, watching the brown void give way to a landscape dotted with silver bubbles.

These Weeds
My neighbor was mowing his wreck of a yard (an oak tree came down in the last hurricane) and the buzz of the mower permeated the house. I caught a minute of it on my phone then later mixed it with with a cello sound to make a grindy, My Bloody Valentine-ish organ patch and built the thing from there - a fanfare for a job adequately done.

A Vibe
Years ago on a bus tour through Ireland, I saw a advertisement for "A VIBE FOR PHIL LYNOTT" the recently departed singer from Thin LIzzy. I love Thin Lizzy. I thought "a vibe" would be a wonderful tribute when you go. This track has nothing actually to do with Thin Lizzy but after making it, danced around to the studio to my own vibe.

Move Your Hands (In a Wave Motion)
I really love the drum machine on the trash organ, though I'm growing more and more convinced that I am better suited just sampling the beats and then excising it from my life, so I did. I did a little groove with it that gets me making wave motions with my arms and closing my eyes in bliss, so no regrets.

Museumgoer TikTok Anthem
Precisely that.

Not in the Air, Not Tonight
I created this rhythm in order try out the harmonium my partner found at a thrift store ($20) and kept adding things. My studio-mate overheard it and shouted, "I know Phil Collins is gonna feel it in the air tonight any second now!" but nope. Not tonight.

Essential Info
Main image Ancient Champion weara the hat photo by Mrs Champion who never ever calls herself that

Musemgoer's credits
released February 10, 2023
Alex V. Cook: Rhodes Piano, Hammond organ, harmonium, synthesizers, electric guitar, trash organ, pour-over kit, drums, field recordings.

Cover photo - Surreal kitchen shadows. This album took a long time, by Museumgoer standards. The big hold up on this EP was finding the right cover image.

Museumgoer 21 can be heard and acquired on Bandcamp, here⇒

Ancient Champion

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