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Anarchy and Industry Alan Rider listens to Texas based electronic-industrial musician Scott Crow's first solo collection

Anarchy and Industry

Alan Rider listens to Texas based electronic-industrial musician Scott Crow's first solo collection

by Alan Rider, East of England Editor
first published: March, 2023
Of Everything And Nothing weaves a carefully curated path between portentous, trance-y and glacial...

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Of Everything And Nothing

Scott Crow has a pedigree. Boy does he have a pedigree. Having opened for every major electronic and industrial act you can think of from Nine Inch Nails to Front Line Assembly with his band Lesson Seven, he was also the driving force behind Audio Assault and Corporate Uncle.

Did I mention the Scott has written several books?

Oh, and he also founded and runs the anarchist collective and record label eMERGENCY heARTS. He speaks regularly about anarchism too.  So you may have come across him somewhere, even if you don't know it yet.

Aside from all of this, in his spare seconds between running things, he composes and releases high quality electronic and ambient music under his own name. 'Of Everything and Nothing' has elements of The Orb, past collaborators Meat Beat Manifesto and Adrian Sherwood, as well as acts like Delerium. 

Impeccably recorded and produced, it weaves a carefully curated path between portentous, trance-y and glacial.  This man knows his craft, creating the feeling of a soundtrack to a science fiction epic yet to be made, yet with backwards musical references to sixties counterculture hidden deep within its grooves.

'Of Everything and Nothing' is a significant work that needs to be sat down and listened to.

Essential Info

Alan Rider
East of England Editor

Alan Rider is a Norfolk based writer and electronic musician from Coventry, who splits his time between excavating his own musical past and feeding his growing band of hedgehogs, usually ending up combining the two. Alan also performs in Dark Electronic act Senestra and manages the indie label Adventures in Reality.

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