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The Sunday Morning Poet Our new weekly poetry program begins next Sunday

The Sunday Morning Poet

Our new weekly poetry program begins next Sunday

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: May, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

New poetry every Sunday in Outsideleft. From now on.


It’s happening. 


We’ve been thinking about it for a while. 

But beginning on May 21, 

We’ll pull back the curtain on 

Outsideleft’s new weekly poetry section, 

The Sunday Morning Poet. 


The Sunday Morning Poet.


The Sunday Morning Poet 

Is going to be perfect for people with no work on Sundays. 

This is poetry for people who 

don’t have to walk their dogs, 

don’t do park runs, 

don’t go to church. 


That’s not to say this excludes Popes and Vicars, 

but we know they’re busy

On Sundays especially.


This is for people 

who love words in small amounts, 

for people who value time 

and how they choose to use it. 

This is for all who move slowly on Sunday mornings.  


Ha! Yes, inspired by the Saturday Evening Post, 

the pictorial magazine that informed so many 

Americans in the 20th Century, 

weekly poetry, 

capturing the week, 

capturing the moment, 

saying something or 

saying nothing. 


Who is to say? 


See you Sunday May 21st.

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Essential Info
The Sunday Morning Poet series begins on May 21st with Bender (1984) by Jay Lewis, who will also feature at The Outsideleft Quiet Night Out⇒

Founder & Publisher

Publisher, Lamontpaul founded outsideleft with Alarcon in 2004 and is hanging on, saying, "I don't know how to stop this, exactly."

Lamontpaul portrait by John Kilduff painted during an episode of John's TV Show, Let's Paint TV

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