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It's RM Francis Week in Outsideleft Black Country Writer RM Francis takes over Outsideleft. All Week.

It's RM Francis Week in Outsideleft

Black Country Writer RM Francis takes over Outsideleft. All Week.

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: May, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Francis's voice is earthy, sexual, guttural, coarse - Emma Purshouse


It’s RM Francis Week in Outsideleft and we couldn’t be more excited. RM Francis is a poet and novelist from and based in the Black Country (in the approximate middle of the UK). A returnee, a prodigal son who studied on Teesside but came back. He’s the author of a plethora of poetry collections, and two novels, Bella, and The Wrenna. His most recent book of poetry has just been published to much acclaim by Playdead Press⇒, The Chain Coral Chorus was assembled in the aftermath of his time as poet in residence for the Black Country Geological Society, and if anyplace absolutely required a geological society, and a poet to survey its subterrain, the Black Country is the place and RM Francis is the man to do it. The exceedingly fantastic Liz Berry said of The Chain Coral Chorus “I can think of no better companion for a deep time wander through the Black Country than RM Francis.” Wolverhampton poet laureate Emma Purshouse called it thus: “Francis’s voice is earthy, sexual, guttural, coarse, and intent upon unleashing the spirit of the stones… In the half-remembered phrases, half-known places, the reader hivvy-hovers between what is, what was and indeed what might be." 

RM Francis is a Superstar performer at spoken word venues up and down the land too. Which of course means that I can’t pass up the opportunity to recommend that you do not miss him alongside Kerry Hadley-Pryce, Wayne Dean-Richards and our own Jay Lewis at the Outsideleft Quiet Night Out at Bear Bookshop in Bearwood on Wednesday June 7th⇒

The Chain Coral Chorus coverRM Francis Week gets underway for real on Tuesday, when, we’re thrilled that mention, our newest contributor, the short story writer Mike Fox, reviews with love for Rob’s The Chain Coral Chorus. There’s a whole lot of love this Week. 

On Wednesday, when Rob (RM) talks about how creation begins for him. God Botherers Be Warned Rob’s thoughts might stretch back further than 6,000 years and anyway he’s not even talking about your creation. He’s talking about creating his rich and diverse body of work.

On Thursday, Rob’s recommended landmarks and various lumps up and down the land that your should see before you die. Or before the end of the summer holidays or sometime. They are not going anywhere, but still.

Also on Thursday - Rob’s fab interview with Outsideleft, about all this stuff, and more.

On Friday, pushing all of the love we provide on Friday's Week in Music record review page aside, to end the momentous RM Francis week, there’s always room for a little hate. And Friday is a favourite - the records Rob would walk to the ends of the earth to never hear again… It’s happening. It’s RM Francis Week in Outsideleft. See you back here tomorrow...

Essential Information
RM Francis Week: Introduction
RM Francis Week: Review - The Chain Coral Chorus
RM Francis Week: Where Creation Begins
RM Francis Week: Landmasses and Landmarks
RM Francis Week: RM Francis The Week Interview
RM Francis Week: Teethgraters - 5 Tunes RM Francis would go to the Ends of the Earth to Never Hear Again 
RM Francis at Outsideleft⇒
7th June, 2023, Outsideleft Night Out with RM Francis tickets here

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