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What Just Happened? In June this is what our readers read the most...

What Just Happened?

In June this is what our readers read the most...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: July, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Mark Perry of Alternative TV cements his living legend status by hitting the top in Outsideleft

I never worry about the numbers. Outsideleft is all about art and artifice after all. Grudgingly then, this is what mattered to Outsideleft readers in June, if we are counting.

  1. Lost In Room by Alan Rider
    Outsideleft talks to original punk pioneer Mark Perry about the upcoming book on the early years of Alternative TV, hardback homicide, the curse of nostalgia, and Crass cufflinks.
  2. Hitting the G Spot by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider talks counter culture, interconnected circles and her love for Goth with Season of The Witch author Cathi Unsworth
  3. The Dollcanoes Give You Pure, Classic Punky-Poppy DIY Fun and Nonsensical Gorgeousness! by Ancient Champion
    It's T R U E... The Dollcanoes are the best band you might not have seen yet...
  4. How James Lasted by Jay Lewis
    The carefully curated catalogue of James - with strings attached.
  5. Morphology by Lake
    Lake is The Sunday Morning Poet
  6. Speaking in Typos by Pixievic
    PixieVic is The Sunday Morning Poet
  7. Swans Pugilistic Lament by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider swoons over The Beggar
  8. Track by Track: Dakota Jones' Heartbreakers Space Club by Ancient Champion
    Brooklyn's Brightest Lights in Outer Space
  9. Fight To The Bell by OL House Writer
    The Sunday Morning Poet: R.M. Francis
  10. The Wythenshawe Plasterers by OL House Writer
    Outsideleft favourite Neil Campbell is the Sunday Morning Poet
  11. Into a Yawning Abyss with Creep Show by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider hears what the legendary Stephen Mallinder and John Grant have been up to...
  12. Fight In An Art Gallery by Wayne Dean-Richards
    Wayne Dean-Richards Gets Salty with it
  13. Anitta: The Brazilian Chameleon by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox Traces the Career of Brazilian Music and Cultural Sensation, Anitta
  14. Rob, Kerry, Jay, Wayne & Woodenhand by Ancient Champion
    The Most Important Cultural Event in Bearwood Since the Beatles Played at the Swimming Baths
  15. Nowhere North Nor South of Northampton by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider maps the A-Z of Northampton Punk & New Wave (1976-1980)
  16. Virginia Woolf would have loved The Great British Sewing Bee - as three of her novels prove by The Conversation
    Sewing with the Woolf
  17. Like a blast furnace, not a candle flame: Mandy, Indiana are coming for you and you had better be ready by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider says we've not experienced this level of direct sonic confrontation with the brutal truth since the heady days of Anarchist Punk...
  18. The Last of the Free by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider reads Richard Cabut's Looking for a Kiss
  19. Love is Revolutionary: Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox reminds us why Elton John matters
  20. You Cunts by Wayne Dean-Richards
    The latest poem from Wayne Dean-Richards' It's a Mad World, But Funny collection

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