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Sunday Morning Poet: Neil Campbell The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare

Sunday Morning Poet: Neil Campbell

The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare

by Neil Campbell,
first published: September, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare, a poem from Neil Campbell's new collection, Lolling Back Knackered on the Plastic Seats is your reminder that challenging yourself physically has its own reward

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Scorching the earth for a Sunday Morning Poet this week sees the return of the great, Outsideleft favourite, Neil Campbell. Campbell is the author of fiction about working and the time inbetween. His most recent collection of short stories, Licensed Premises, is published by Salt. This poem, The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare is from a new collection, Lolling Back Knackered on the Plastic Seats. What better day to publish it than moments after Erling Haaland's first hat-trick of the season for Manchester City FC.

The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare

In Piccadilly Tap with time for two pints
before the train, saw Haaland break the
record, City move closer to treble glory,
now back on a barstool briefly, enjoying
the melting neon, the barmaid cos
barmaid souls are all the same, the
bouncers face, de ja vu from the old times
as I leave, this time still soberish, out of
practice, just a brief glimpse of the old
times, quitting drinking while it feels good,
now the train, Virginia Plain, among all
these old blokes on the train in our
multivitamin, painkilling middle aged
nightmare, smiling it off, the boys in blue
giving us all the glory we will ever need, all
the glory we will ever have.

© Neil Campbell

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Neil Campbell

Author Neil Campbell is from Manchester in the UK. His next collection of short stories, Licensed Premises, will be published by Salt in October 2022. Previously, Neil published three novels, two collections of flash fiction, two collections of short stories, two poetry chapbooks and a poetry collection. He's prolific.
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