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Poetry Breakfast Start the weekend with some of our favourite writers

Poetry Breakfast

Start the weekend with some of our favourite writers

by Katherine Pargeter,
first published: September, 2023

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The team at Saturday Books are extremely passionate about reading. Their commitment to local authors has led them to organize the monthly Poetry Breakfasts.

On Saturday 23 September, three of Outsideleft's favourite writers and contributors will be part of this month's Poetry Breakfast at Saturday Books in Dudley.

The monthly Poetry Breakfasts provide a wonderful start to the weekend. On Saturday Wayne Dean-Richards, whose 'It's a Mad World But Funny' is impending from Outsideleft Booklets will be reading from the collection, he will also be sharing a couple of short stories from his recent collection 'Money and Blood'. Richards' short stories have been published in over forty magazines or anthologies in the UK and the US. Raw Edge Magazine described his work as: 'gritty, suspenseful tales of lives approaching some crunch point or catharsis - often with a menacing undercurrent and a twist at the end' what the poet Roshan Doug called: 'short story writing at its best: deep, real and artistic.'

There will also be poetry from one of Outsideleft's youngest contributors - Erin, who is currently studying English Literature at the University of Warwick and who writes for numerous University publications as well as for Outsideleft. Their poetry focuses on the dehumanisation of women and the role of desire in our society. Erin is also writing their first novel 'The Last Two Weeks'.

Jay Lewis (who read his poem 'The Kingfisher' at the last Poetry Breakfast in July), will be delving deeper into his current project 'The Overspill.' Much of his work takes place on one of a partly imagined large council estates built in the late 1960s/early 1970s. He describes the poems as his 'East Birmingham Side Story.'

There will also be open mic slots for audience members too, please see a member of staff upon arrival.

Saturday Books was started in Dudley eleven years ago and it's clear that the team behind it is extremely passionate about books and reading. They state that their mission is to 'revitalise' reading and 'for the activity of reading to be seen in a new light'. They are one of the leading stockists of regional authors, with their street-level Entry Room dedicated to local voices.

Saturday Books' commitment to local authors has led them to organize the monthly Poetry Breakfasts which has recently welcomed performances from celebrated local writers including Emma Purshouse (the first Poet Laureate for the City of Wolverhampton), as well as Steve Pottinger and Liz Berry (who has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of Wolverhampton).

The Poetry Breakfast will be held at Brooke’s Bar & Bistro - Memorial Tower, Priory Street, Dudley DY1 1HA. £2 entry (includes hot drink and croissant). Doors open at 9.30am

For further information on Saturday Books, please visit them here

Katherine Pargeter

Born in Kavala in Greece to English parents, Katherine moved to London in the early nineties to study Sculpture at St. Martin's College.
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