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Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 2 Wayne Dean-Richards' the cleaner

Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 2

Wayne Dean-Richards' the cleaner

by Wayne Dean-Richards,
first published: September, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

'the cleaner' is from the forthcoming It's a Mad World But Funny... Wayne Dean-Richards collection, which will be available in mid-September, at Wayne's reading events and from this website shortly after...

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A great Sunday morning poet double header, earlier Paul Mortimer's winsome, sentimental paean to all that Amy Winehouse left behind and now Wayne Dean-Richards' The Cleaner, and altogether unwholesome exposition of what is fucking wrong with this land where we live like it's an eternal embodiment of the Stanford Prison Experiment. the cleaner comes from Wayne's collection, 'It's A Mad World But Funny...' (Outsideleft Booklets)


Wayne's Booklet Coverthe cleaner

I was the cleaner.

nobody knew my name except the boss
and the boss was never there.

“he’s the cleaner,” everybody said.

and as if to prove them right
I’d clean.

I didn’t speak much,
just got on with cleaning.

till this one guy
grabbed me by the wrist
and tried to throw me
into the shower room
with the showers on.

I’d been cleaning the changing room.

the guy and his pals
had been playing competitive sport
but obviously not enough.

I suppose he was showing off,
thought his mates
would think it was funny if he threw
the cleaner into the shower
and got him all wet.

but the guy got it wrong:
it’s a mistake to think
because a man’s quiet
he’s benign
or weak.

the guy who grabbed me was all smiles till
he saw his mistake.
one punch all it took.

none of his pals said a word,
as I got on with the cleaning.

© Wayne Dean-Richards

Essential Info
The 18 poems comprising Wayne Dean-Richards' IT'S A MAD WORLD BUT FUNNY series are listed below.  Outsideleft will be publishing them all throughout 2023. A free downloadable PDF and a limited edition A6 Outsideleft Booklet (for neither profit or loss) of these poems will be available at the end. But not till the end. I am pretty sure that means November...

Wayne Dean-Richards

Wayne Dean-Richards works with short stories and the novel. His work has been published in magazines and anthologies in the UK and the US. Some of that work can be found in his collection Cuts, available here

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