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Holiday Hits and Horrors: George Boomsma Jay Lewis invites George Boomsma to the Outsideleft Christmas Party

Holiday Hits and Horrors: George Boomsma

Jay Lewis invites George Boomsma to the Outsideleft Christmas Party

by Jay Lewis, Reviews Editor
first published: December, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

We'll be performing at various Christmas party events and sing-along carol nights and the like, it'll be a George Booble sort of thing...

In the run-up to Christmas, we wanted to get in touch with some of our favourite people to ask them to share with us some of the seasonal songs, films, TV, or books that they most adore.  We’re just nosily curious like that! And, as we had to walk out of a couple of shops today as we heard 'Driving Home For Christmas' being piped through the speakers yet again, we also wondered whether anyone else had an adverse reaction to any particular seasonal treats. We decided to call the series 'Holiday Hits and Horrors' and, I'm delighted to say, we received some intriguingly diverse answers. 

We decided to start our series with singer and songwriter George Boomsma.  He’s one of our favourite lyricists and over the last few years we’ve watched with delight as he’s played to ever-increasing audiences at the Moseley Folk Festival. He’s also released some rather fine singles and EPs (our review of the stirring 'What's Left Behind' EP is here)  and, very soon, we’ll be welcoming a full album and tour (both scheduled for next April).  We’re quite excited.  Whilst we were talking to George about all things Christmas, we decided to ask him about the forthcoming album and his reflections on the year just gone. Over to you George...

Outsideleft:  Your latest single 'Fallen' felt like a subtle change of direction for you with a full band, electric guitars etc.  Is this an indication of what to expect from the album?
George Boomsma:  Sure is! After recording my previous two EPs as a real stripped-back live and acoustic thing (with added string quartet) I really wanted to 180 spin and do something with a large production and full band. I really enjoyed writing with a band in mind, and figuring out the groove and arrangement of the songs. I've also gone for a concept style of album with interlinking sections between songs and am very proud of how it's turned out. 

OL:  It's December, a time to reflect on the year just gone. So, what have been the highlights of your 2023?  
GB:  I was lucky enough to be part of the English Folk Expo Mentorship scheme this year which was a brilliant experience and definitely the main highlight. I got the chance to attend and showcase at a few different industry events as well and even performed a slot at the great Cambridge Folk Festival. And, obviously,  recording and finishing the album was a big goal achieved.

OL:  So, our general Christmas questions...This the season of festive entertainment - is there a song, a film, a book that you associate with the Christmas season?  Is there something you love to hear or see at this time of year? 
GB: December brings the Christmas party season for my function band-ing side of music.  We’ll be performing at various events and sing-along carol nights and the like, it’ll be a George Boob sort of thing... That definitely keeps me busy with festivities till the new year.  I’ll also be giving my Nat King Cole Christmas album a few spins.

OL:  And...Is there anything that makes you want to switch off immediately and grumble "bah humbug" ?
GB: Luckily, my van radio is broken at the moment so I've been saved from the usual constant crimbo canon of earworms on long drives home, having to constantly sing them all is enough for me. I might have also unwillingly signed a bunch of Christmas cards which I normally refuse to do, but apart from that I wouldn't call myself too much of a Scrooge.

OL:  Finally,  as well as your album getting glowing reviews everywhere, do you have any predictions or wishes for 2024? 
GB: There’s going to be a lot of travel.  As a session musician, I’ll be doing a lot of touring next year, a leg over in Australia as well as the length and breadth of the UK, so I just hope all that’s plain sailing!  I've also always wanted my music to be released on vinyl, so it would be a dream to have the album pressed!

As we were putting this piece together, George uploaded his cover of an easy-listening seasonal classic.  He's in full George Boobmode. Thank you - have a Merry Christmas George. 

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Jay Lewis
Reviews Editor

Jay Lewis is a Birmingham based poet. He's also a music, movie and arts obsessive. Jay's encyclopedic knowledge of 80s/90s Arts films is a debt to his embedded status in the Triangle Arts Centre trenches back then.

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