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Outsideleft Night Out #11: David Benjamin Blower Free Live Music and Great DJ Sets from Woodenhand and special guest star Agata Makiela - they're spinning their hand picked hits

Outsideleft Night Out #11: David Benjamin Blower

Free Live Music and Great DJ Sets from Woodenhand and special guest star Agata Makiela - they're spinning their hand picked hits

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: January, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

Admission is Free. If you can grab an advance ticket from Ticket Source here it helps us to relax about the crowd for the artists.


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David Benjamin Blower, how can I describe what he does, apocalyptic folk? Dystopian Poetry? Spirited. Secular. IDK. Reviewing his most recent LP, Kindness Is Solid Stone Violence is a Heavy Loan to Pay, our own Mercury Prize winning contributor Tim London said this record inspires feelings of “the kind of Sunday morning that comes from staying up all Saturday night and drinking yourself into sobriety. Blinking and realising you spent the night in a chapel in the 19th century. Then your mobile phone beeps, dammit.” Whatever you want to call David, he remains, one of the most singular and compelling music artists in Birmingham right now. 

David was special guest at our very first pre pandemic Outsideleft Night Out in the fall of 2020, where afterward Nina and I had a giant hug shouted out, ‘we did it.’ Seemed like something was going to happen in Bearwood back then. And then… And so, it is with some excitement we look forward to David’s return to the Outsideleft Night Out in Corks, Bearwood on Friday, February 2nd. The First Friday of the Month. Our First Night Out of 2024. Here’s an ancient video of David, he may not have the same instrumentation, but he will have everything else you can feel here.


AgataThe night will also feature big pure vinyl records spinning around, mostly soul and jazzy funk hits, and some obscuro’s woven in from DJ Woodenhand and our special guest star Agata Makiela, all the way from Hrubieszów, a small Polish town on the border with Ukraine. Agata lived and worked in Scotland and Spain before settling in Birmingham, where her passion for vinyl began. The last decade has seen her take trips to record shops up and down the country and Europe too. “Music has always been present in my life,” Agata says, her mum was a music teacher, and currently Agata is studying bass guitar full time.

That’s right, Agata knows bass, and is already handpicking Afrobeat, World Music, Reggae and more from her record collection to make the night just great as nights wants to be, what we all want it to be, together, David, Woodenhand, Agata, You's All and Me Too.

We love the space at Corks and are grateful to them for supporting the Outsideleft Nights Out.

Admission is Free, but if you grab an advance ticket from Ticket Source here→ it helps us to relax about the crowd for the artists. 

Also, it’s possible but not obligatory to make a small donation to support the artists if you can. Naively we thought we could keep doing this for free but it just ain’t that simple.

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Founder & Publisher

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