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Outsideleft's Least Popular Stories of All Time

Outsideleft's Least Popular Stories of All Time

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: June, 2005

approximate reading time: minutes

thanks to our readers for avoiding these stories

We Love Losers and we Love our own Losers more than many.

Following on from last week's most popular outsideleft stories of all time. Here now are our least popular stories of all time.

I won't say you're right but thanks to our readers for avoiding these stories like the plague, otherwise we wouldn't have this list, and as much as we love losers, damn, we love lists.

So then, no more ado, below, our Bottom 20 LEAST read stories of the past six months.

  1. long beach architecture Beach Houses by Lamont (December 15th)
    Our least popular story of all time! An early rewording of a press release about one of our favorite books ever! Long Beach Architecture, The Unexpected Metropolis by Cara Mullio and Jennifer M. Volland. Astonishingly this slipped and stayed under the radar. Later, an interview with the ladies was far more widelyread.
  2. And They Called It Puppy Love by Alarcon (January 24th)
    Britney caught shopping, with hairless mutt in hand, amazingly no one wants to read about it or see the pictures.
  3. The Sculpture of John Frame by Lamont (January 25th)
    I will say this for myself, I have consistently offered up the stories that nobody wants to read and the Sculpture of John Frame was no exception. I will recklessly claim however that it is my fervent belief that more people have read this story than saw the show in Long Beach.
  4. Behind the Counterculture #20: Lenny Henry by Lake (June 23rd)
    The generally hugely popular Behind The Counterculture series can apparently still throw up the occasional stiff and no one seems to care about where comedian Lenny Henry goes to the toilet.
  5. Morrissey on My Back by Alarcon (January 10th)
    You'd say oh how the mighty have fallen if anyone could recall a time so far back when Morrissey was mighty. A mundane Quarry record - we're blaming the producers and no interest the tales told by his sidekick...
  6. The Big Not-So-Easy by Alex V. Cook (March 16th)
    A tale of yet another casualty of too-much-life, Alex's review of the recent Yellow #5 record managed to hit none of the spots with our readers.
  7. No Sugar, I Take it Black, Thank You by Alex V. Cook (January 24th)
    What if The Black Keys released a great record and nobody came?
  8. NO WORDS NO PICTURES: a depreciation of David Bowie by Lake (Jan 2005)
    In the very early days we were arch recyclers. This story was culled from an aging fanzine. File under: Another Bowie story no one wanted to read.
  9. I Just Got Back From Naumann by Lake (Jan 27th)
    For an otherwise popular and lovable series, 300 Words From London, the Bruce Nauman edition proved to be something of a stinker in the eyes of you readers. Well, you brutally ignored it, at least.
  10. The Ghost of Jeffrey Lee, Coming Back to Haunt Me by Joe Ambrose (February 5th)
    Joe Ambrose author of From the Moshpit has written some of our most popular stories of all time. His appraisal of the Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce wasn't one of them.
  11. Release the Wiser, Older Bats by Alex V. Cook (February 14th)
    Alex's Valentine's Day review of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Lyre of Orpheus/Abattoir Blues release, unlike the album itself which is pretty great, gets no takers from our public.
  12. The last hope for the late late show by Alarcon (Jan 2005)
    From Alarcon's back pages a story no one wanted to read, his interview with former Late Late Show host Craig Kilborn, the popularity or lack thereof of this story we feel is symptomatic of the demise of the show and the lethargy we feel towards it since CBS hired a clown to replace the cool Mr. Kilborn.
  13. 2005: A Year in the Preview Mirror by Alarcon (Jan 2005)
    Very few of you read our overview of the year ahead, back in January. Spot on as it has turned out to be.
  14. Remember What Good Albums Sound Like? by Alex V. Cook (February 9th)
    When M.Ward released 'Transistor Radio' Alex V. Cook was not alone in loving it. His review of the album though, appears to somehow have been condemned to solitary confinement of sorts...
  15. Behind the Counterculture #4: Michael Hutchence by Lake (Feb 14th)
    Okay, for some inexplicable reason, no one wanted to know what INXS' Michael Hutchence was doing at the Record and Tape Exchange in London. Maybe, as the CBS show 'Rock Star', aiming to find his replacement for the band  (hosted by Dave Navarro) rolls out, we'll be inundated. Not a moment too soon, either.
  16. Together in Electric Dreams by Lamont (February 1st)
    Digital Retro by Gordon Laing, a pretty popular book about the history of personal computers. A clunker with our audience.
  17. Reformed Catholic by Mindy Strouse (Dec 2004)
    Remember Frank Black/Black Francis? Apparently not.
  18. Rufino Tamayo: A Search For The Essence by Lamont (Dec 2004)
    Search for the Essence brought together a selection of 41 "mixographs" and 34 other works from private institutions and collectors in the United States and Mexico. And about 75 readers to the outsideleft story of the show.
  19. Jon Bard's Five Great Soul Records You've Most Likely Never Heard Of.. by Lamont (Feb 7th)
    Jon Bard's dj's a great soul radio show out of Colorado and he gave us a list of great soul records you've never heard of. Telling, really. You still haven't heard of them.
  20. God Save the Queen, er, King by Alex V. Cook (February 9th)
    Iron & Wine - Woman King was released to great fanfare elsewhere in February. On our pages though, who knows why no one reads this stuff. If we had you vote in the least handsome man in rock contest, then Sam Beam would probably prove far more popular.

Obviously then, when we file our next report we're hoping that our least widely read list will include a lot of stories most of you have read and fewer you've never heard of...

Founder & Publisher

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