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Big Bren owned the Bigs in Jan Outsideleft's most widely read stories in January were headed up by PixieVic's tribute to poet Big Bren

Big Bren owned the Bigs in Jan

Outsideleft's most widely read stories in January were headed up by PixieVic's tribute to poet Big Bren

by OL House Writer,
first published: February, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

The singular voice of poet Brendan Higgins was stilled in January. I don't know if he wrote a poem which didn't actually nail it's subject with fine detail and funny... He was simply an astonishingly great entertainer.

Our most widely read stories in January were lead by PixieVic's eulogy of sorts for Birmingham poet Big Bren. Brendan Higgins withered the subjects so many of us don't give enough lucid thought to.  Shopping to Noisy Neighbours, Big Bren made it matter while we laughed aloud with him, with his insights. 

  1. Sunday Morning Poet: A Tribute to Big Bren 2024-01-07 by Pixievic
    The much loved Brendan Higgins (aka Big Bren), died last week.
  2. Outsideleft Night Out #11: David Benjamin Blower 2024-01-05 by LamontPaul
    Free Live Music and Great DJ Sets from Woodenhand and special guest star Agata Makiela - they're spinning their hand picked hits
  3. Last Train To Manchester 2024-01-03 by John Robinson
    Corudory Institute's Modern Classicism
  4. Made In India 2024-01-11 by Alan Rider
    India's Hidden Early Electronic Music Legacy
  5. Never Loan Anyone Your Van 2024-01-05 by Alex V. Cook
    Our last round up of 2023 is weaved into fiction and delivered by Alex V. Cook
  6. Sons Of Wayne 2024-01-20 by Wayne Dean-Richards
    Poet and Outsideleft favourite son, Wayne Dean Richards interviews his sons, Ethan and Kalman about their new play The Good Landlord
  7. Smell The Glue 2024-01-23 by LamontPaul
    Sniffin' Glue... And Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits, is back in print
  8. January Middle. Not Great. 2024-01-15 by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveller Gets What He Expected From 2024... Not much
  9. La Sangre de la Tierra 2024-01-18 by Ancient Champion
    Virtus Christi te urget! Just Go.
  10. A Runaway Success 2024-01-16 by Jay Lewis
    The debut album by Sprints is a raging, cathartic triumph.



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