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Outsideleft Night Out at Cork's with Monroe Moon Friday April 5th, Free Live Music and DJ Sets at Cork's in Bearwood

Outsideleft Night Out at Cork's with Monroe Moon

Friday April 5th, Free Live Music and DJ Sets at Cork's in Bearwood

by OL House Writer,
first published: March, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

Theo's hauntological guitar lines and Bunny's voice and piano provide a beautiful dreamstate concoction...

Following the most amazing night with Chickenbone John in May, the OUTSIDELEFT Night Out returns on Friday April 5th, with more astonishing FREE Live Music, featuring the band Monroe Moon and DJ Woodenhand, with a guest DJ to be announced very soon, hush-hush negotiations are happening on behind the scenes.

We’ve wanted the band Monroe Moon to play for a while. Theo’s hauntological guitar lines and Bunny’s voice and piano provide a beautiful dreamstate concoction and although it won’t be an entire band set, their companion, the classic, faithful, Roland CompuRythm, noted for its Yeoman underpinnings, will be the bolstering the sound on the night. This is a rare opportunity to see Bunny and Theo. Not to be missed.

DJ Woodenhand will be spinning classic funk, reggae, soul and jazz and whatever other records he pulls from his vinyl garage. He’s working on that already. Last time out the dancing, led by our neighbour Julia, was just wild fun. And we are pulling out all of our stops to get a second great, great DJ to spin some records in the early slot. No pressure then.

The vintage vibe of the Corks lounge will again be a perfect setting his for this night of big fun. 

DJ Woodenhand

(DJ Woodenhand at Work!)

Admission is FREE, however, we rather naively thought we could maintain these OUTSIDELEFT Night's Out without a budget, doesn't seem to be so. Pay What You Can donations are totally welcome, in advance and on the night. 


Please remember Cork’s has a cash only bar... 



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