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Dry Cleaning Hare Duncan Jones' Temerity: Spring Clean those guitars please

Dry Cleaning Hare

Duncan Jones' Temerity: Spring Clean those guitars please

by Duncan Jones, Poet in Residence
first published: April, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

"Ditch the hairy fuckers..."

Dry Cleaning
Hare and Hounds
th April, 2024 

Drinking imagined heritage beer in the Hare (we've all been there and wished not to be) I was trying to gauge expectations.  I wanted Life Without Buildings. I wanted Wire. And she is very good. Dry Cleaning is a good name. It’s unhairy and spry. I do like her lyrics and her delivery. I wish I had caught more but shit guitars are to the fore.

She is subtle. She performs tricks shifting the face and she is funny. But the schmuck rock stuff all about her drowns out the magic. One lad with a guitar has too much hair and he’s throwing it about. It is ROCK MUSIC. The routine is renowned and boring.

Nevertheless, the brightness of her words. The odd line I catch shines, true and brittle. Her spiel is funny and ungrand, unmagical and fierce. Cynical. Bruising. Ordinary. Alive. Slipped tongues for the broken business of living. Erring well.

But the band though. They finish each song as if they know how to finish each song and want us to know too. Let the halfwit grandeur die. She needs better. Ditch the hairy fuckers.

Main image from wikipedia by Spimch 

Duncan Jones
Poet in Residence

Duncan has lived and worked in Birmingham for over forty years. He does things with words and pictures.

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