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Lost Broadcast FJ Fuzzyfelt is under the spell of the collected Broadcast demos

Lost Broadcast

FJ Fuzzyfelt is under the spell of the collected Broadcast demos

by DJ Fuzzyfelt,
first published: May, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

36 tracks in 64 minutes are beautifully sequenced into a beautiful whole

Spell Blanket - Collected Demos 2006-2009
(Warp Records)

After Trish Keenan, co-founder of Broadcast passed in 2011, James Cargill, her partner in the band and in life, said he would compile and album of Keenans demos recorded after the release of Tender Buttons in 2005 (for the sake of completeness they released an excellent collaborative album with The Focus Group in 2009 and provided the soundtrack for Berberian Sound Studio after Keenans passing).

Mostly taken from rough demos, rehearsal tapes, even acapella snippets recorded while out walking, the 36 tracks in 64 minutes are beautifully sequenced into a beautiful whole. It's a fascinating, beguiling listen, very intimate at times.

With so many pieces to choose from in such a short space of time it's hard to pick out a specific track as the record works as a magnificent whole but the stand out for me is I Want To Be Fine, just an acoustic guitar, Keenans beautiful multi tracked harmonies and some spoken word.

It is a credit to James Cargill that he has been able to stitch together such a fine tribute from essentially scraps of materials which is just as great as anything that Broadcast ever released.

Essential Information
Main image Alberto Garcia
Broadcast performing at Sónar Galicia in A Coruña, Spain on 18 June 2010.

DJ Fuzzyfelt

DJ Fuzzyfelt is a part time intinerant farm worker, sharing their time between Portugal and Wales where there is a lot of farm work... Lover of music, megaliths, and magick.

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